Good housekeeping award-2

DEPARTMENT of the Interior and Local Government Sec. Robredo should guard against the wily tactics of overly enterprising and graft-scarred local chief executives who will stop at nothing  just to secure the prestigious Good Housekeeping Award.

It, surely, would be stripped of its essence or meaning if local shenanigans, thru sheer “creativity’, are permitted to win the same.


There are  more than 333 very recent LP additions in Camarines Norte – all erstwhile die-hard  members  of  the Lakas-Kampi-CMD Party of which GMA remains chairman-emeritus.

The new “turncoats”  were led by that province’s vice governor, several board members and elective of-ficials from a dozen towns  there.

But Sec. Jesse Robredo should not allow that kind of “CHANGING CLOTHES”  by other political leaders and their respective minions in the Province of Masbate, after witnessing, first-hand,  how  they  cajoled, maligned, harassed, and even maltreated the remnants of the LP leadership there during the May 2010 elections.

These “other” political leaders in economically-depraved and perpetually crime-embroiled Masbate are shrewd tradpols of the first order.

They were the “money-goloids”, shameless  PGMA and/or Manny Villar worshippers.

Certainly  not the kind  we can expect to demonstrate   genuine COMMITMENT to the ideals  of LP.

They are panicking  to join LP NOW only  for their own convenience, or more to the embarrassing point:  to ensure unhampered release of their PDAF funds/pork barrel and other perceived benefits/projects, which shall be their main sources of   funds for their/their families’ 2013 election/re-election bids.

Think supreme sacrifice.

Think LP.

We were not born yesterday, Sec. Jesse Robredo.

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