Goodbye 2011 welcome 2012

OLD Year bids farewell to all as loud noise mostly from exploding crackers in cities and booming bamboo cannons in countryside welcomes the New Year last Saturday midnight.

In the Philippines, New Year is a riotous and rowdy celebration because of Filipino Chinese superstitious beliefs that bad and evil spirits must be warded off by noise.

A question poses itself: Has the negative vibes of 2011 dissipated as it faded away forever?

If we are to believe nine out of 10 Filipinos, something good is going to happen in our lives and country this Year of the Dragon.

This is despite gloo-my global economic forecasts and a series of natural calamities that hit the country the year that just ended.

Social Weather Stations survey, conducted from December 3 to 7, showed that 95 percent of Filipino adults said they would welcome 2012 with hope while only four percent would face the New Year with fear.

It is interesting to note the new figure matches the all-time high of 95% recorded in 2002 who were hopeful of entering 2003, the SWS said.

It is also two points higher than the 93 percent who entered 2011 with hope.

If we were to follow Church calendar, Epiphany or Feast of the Three Kings ends Philippine Christmas celebrations today.

The Feast of Three Kings is celebrated on the first Sunday of January. The feast is also called Ephimany which commemorates the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi.

They were called Melchor, meaning King of Light; Gaspar,  “The White One’’; and Baltazar, “The Lord of Treasure.”

The Uncommon Touch wishes everyone a Prosperous New Year and a Happy Three Kings!

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