Helen Gamboa slugs it out with Susan Roces and Gina Pareño

OVERWHELMING was the word to describe the most recent grand press brief of ABS-CBN’s highly anticipated Primetime Bida “Walang Hanggan” whose powerhouse cast are composed of high-caliber actors from three generations.

Here’s a rundown of my all-too overwhelming observations, a classic trivia for avid movie fans in the making as follows:

1. The inter-generational cast of three are top-billed by two movie queens, namely Helen Gamboa and Susan Roces with Eddie Gutierrez as the spoiler, followed by the second generation actors Richard Gomez, Dawn Zulueta with Rita Avila as fly-in- the pan between them, and the third generation actors are composed of Drama Prince Coco Martin and the pretty sweet young thing oozing with sex appeal yet Julia Montes who has all the makings of a sexy screen goddess.

2. Walang Hanggan is the first ever project onscreen for Susan Roces and Helen Gamboa who intimated after I caught her going down from the fourteenth floor of ABS-CBN in a hurry to go back home for a delayed dinner perhaps with Sen. Tito Sotto, “Come to think of it, it took at least up to the third generation yet for Susan and me to do a project together onscreen. It’s more than I could really wish and thank ABS for it.”

Helen plays the pivotal role as wife to Eddie Gutierrez who is secretly carrying the torch for Susan Roces.

Toward the Year of the Dragon, Helen Gamboa’s proven thespic talent was highly underscored on her several TV appearances.

She will soon appear in a highly-anticipated classic play Portrait of An Artist As Filipino by National Artist for Theater Nick Joaquin at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

She will slug it out with the multi-awarded, albeit late blooming shining artist Gina Pareño. The stage is one territory in which Helen would breeze through like walking in the park.

When asked how she’d like to be remembered, Helen spoke humbly, “Foremost, as good mother and a very good friend, compassionate, sharing and caring, gentle and as a serious actress.”

There you are ladies and gentlemen, next question please to the original Bang Shang A-lang Queen and aunt of Megastar Sharon Cuneta.

3. The drama series according to Richard Gomez himself was inspired from the classic novel “Wuthering Heights” and from the award-winning movie “Hihintayin Kita Sa Langit” in which Richard Gomez won Best Actor from the PMPC Star Awards for Movies.

It is also their reunion drama series in a long time after separating as offscreen sweethearts to go their separate ways. He, with Lucy Torres. She (Dawn) with the fabled Anton.

4. Walang Hanggan is the first drama series that sent shivers to the spine of the multi-awarded and Best Asian Director awardee Director Jerry Lopez Sineneng who intimated when I bumped into him at Starbucks shortly after the press brief.

Much is given to the project, so much is expected. That is in terms of viewership, ratings and perhaps acceptance which are now naturally the concern of Director Sineneng. No fear in that department I assured him. He grinned up to the ears, full of anticipations and great expectations.

5. The project is a dream-come-true for Jerry Lopez Sineneng’s co-director and good friend of veteran and award-winning production designer Ben Payumo, Director Trina Dayrit.

Why? Being a great fan of the late Da King Fernando Poe, it follows she is a great fan too of wife Susan. And now the time has come for the fan cum director of consequence to come together with the surviving idol Susan Roces.

Let’s check it out!

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