Inconvenience at BDO branch (2)

WHILE it is true that in 2008 Banco de Oro figured quite prominently in the bankrupt Lehman Brothers’ (a US bank) fiasco by reporting a $134 million exposure therein, BDO, by setting up some P3.8 billion, quickly obliterated that negative exposure, without jeopardizing clients’ investments in/deposits with the bank.

Where it is now, BDO  need not fear of any significant fiasco coming its  way. Except perhaps a growing sense of INCONVENIENCE among its clients in some of its bran-ches across the nation. Branch officers and employees/tellers may have ultimately succumbed to the dizzying pace of daily transactions, they have become insensitive to the quick needs of clients/customers.

I personally experienced this in BDO’s SM-Bicutan Branch (headed by one Ma. Victoria Biscumbre) just recently from  an employee who calls herself “client service associate” named Joyce R. Barte.  This woman wasted my productive time waiting for her verification  with  BDO’s SM-Fairview branch (it was an interbranch  transaction)  an initialed  entry  in the  check I was encashing. I asked her how long would the verification  take, but she just told me to “have patience and wait” until  the other end responds.

For several minutes, I bench-waited while Ms. Barte meanwhile engrossed herself  with  other counter-transacting clients.

But I eventually had to leave and cancelled my  transaction,   because I  also had pressing matters to attend to in my office  just across SM-Bicutan.

BDO is sure, doing great.

Let that not be spoiled by a ‘mole’ of an indiscretion or impropriety, such as what may be caused by INSENSITIVE branch officers/employees and/or those with ATTITUDE PROBLEMS.  .

BDO  should also issue  clearer rules on check encashment transactions (eg. in the verification of initialed entries) and not fail to inject these into its employees’ heads  to obviate delay and/or misunderstanding with customers/clients.

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