Insecure sa papable na mister! (Hahahaha!)

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Very amusing naman ang actuations ng misis ng sumisikat na character actor na ‘to na napuna at naging pantasya ng mga vaklushi dahil sa kanyang very masculine appeal at hunky appearance kahit na early 30s na siya.

Imagine, the other actor who’s acting with him at the soap both of them are starring in, who used to be hunk personified when he was a lot younger, was made to appear like a dud side by side with his overflowing verility.

Looking back, his machismo and smoldering masculine allure was first highlighted in that teevee commercial about a Chinese resto wherein he was shown cooking the its  specialty.

Anyway, nag-create ng awareness ang presence ng macho at gwaping na character actor sa teevee soap na ‘yun para ma-curious sa kanya ang ayaw-paawat na gay community na feel na feel ang kanyang mature but still admittedly succulent appeal.

In a way, na-threaten daw ang misis nitong gandara naman, in fairness, pero palaging nakabuntot sa appealing character actor for fear that a macho gay would make a pass on him and eventually become his paramour.

Afraid ba si misis na matimbog ng mga viper-like vaklushis ang kanyang que sabrosong papa?


Well, it seems like the guy is really going to create quite a sensation by way of his succulent body that’s really making the gay community pant with anticipation. Hahahahahahahha!

‘Yun na! Hakhakhak!


Unique si Engineer Manuel Pablico

MARAMING mga Evangelist sa ngayon pero namumukod-tangi itong si Engineer Manuel Pablico in the sense that he’s not asking any donations or dole-outs from his members or from those who’d like to be a part of his congregation.
Karamihan yata sa mga katulad niya ay umaasa sa mga bigay-bigay ng mga taong kanilang nabobola but not in the case of Engineer Pablico who’s the only one financing his congregation and has never asks any financial assistance from anyone.

After all, he’s doing well in his kind of business and can very well afford to finance his congregation.

If only for that, we doff our proud hat to him.

Mabuhay ka, Engineer Pablico. Bow kami sa ‘yong pinaglalaban at sa ‘yong individuality.


Dapat bang magalit si Janelle?

NAPANOOD namin in its entirety ang controversial sex video ni Janelle Manahan at ng kanyang live-in mate na si Ramgen Revilla.

Hindi naman kami na-shock but honestly, it presented the Revilla boy in a totally different light.

Kunsabagay, he was young and kind of naughty just like anyone young man his age.

‘Yun nga lang, ang tindi ng damage na nagawa nito sa pagkatao ni Janelle dahil napaka-explicit ng sex video and everything about them was shown in a most lurid light.

Kung sina Katrina Halili ay nag-react talaga gayung wala namang intimate shots na maituturing ang sex video nila ni Hayden Kho, ka-react-react talaga ang sex video nina Janelle for some reasons too brutal and personal to comment on.

Nai-imagine na lang namin ang overall effect nito kay Janelle. I’m sure na speechless siya at di makatulog dahil sa tindi ng kahihiyan.

Anyway, let this be a solid warning to anyone who has this voyeuristic tendency to have their sex act recorded for posterity.


Hansen Nichols live at Casino Filipino

PINOY Dream Academy Season 2 scholar Hansen Nichols takes centerstage with his show Hansen Nichols Live this January. He will be at Casino Filipino Angeles (January 11/9pm), Casino Filipino Hyatt (January 12/9pm), Casino Filipino Olongapo (January 14/8pm), Casino Filipino Pavilion (January 18/9pm), Casino Filipino Heritage (January 20/9pm), Casino Filipino Tagaytay (January 25/9pm), and Airport Casino Filipino (January 26/9pm).

After his stint on PDA, Hansen continues to live his dream as a singer. He says, “Many opportunities came after PDA Season 2. I got to perform and tour around the Philippines which has always been my dream; I guested and performed on various programs on the Kapamilya network; and met many of my idols that I grew up watching and listening to. I also got the chance to record and be part of a GOLD record album. I was able to act in several teleseryes. I hope to do more in the future including a movie and to finally release my solo debut album.”

When did his love affair with music start? “It began when I was a young child. My mom used to sing at parties of friends and families. We had a singing machine so I started playing with it and sang songs even though I couldn’t read the words. I soon joined a choir and performed in local singing engagements and even weddings.”

Hansen was born in Burlingame, California and graduated from University of San Francisco with an Economics degree. While inside the Academy, Hansen impressed the audience with his rendition of famous songs like Kailangan Kita, I Believe I Can Fly, My Chérie Amour, Bailamos, and Hold On.

If he will be given a chance to revive a song, Hansen says he will choose Nandito Ako. “Many of the great singers remake classics and for me the song is a classic that I used to hear while I was growing up in the States. People love the song and I would love to put my stamp on it and hope people would love my version.”

Hansen is a cancer survivor. “I want to be remembered as a successful singer with a lot of heart. It’s important for me to reach success as a singer because it would prove that even though I was against all odds, I didn’t let anyone tell me that I couldn’t sing. I never gave up and never gave up hope. It may have taken me awhile to reach that success but inevitably, I did.”

Hansen Nichols is a Backroom artist. For inquiries, call Backroom at 4351108 and 4351120 or email at


Mas madamdamin ang portrayal niya as Asiong Salonga compared sa version ng uncle na si Erap

IF THERE’S one thing with Governor ER Ejercito, it’s his unassailable honesty in answering even the most incriminating question.

Tulad na lang ng katanungang ibinato sa kanya ng press kung aling version daw ba ng Asiong Salonga ang mas maganda, ang version niya o ang version ng paternal uncle niyang si dating Presidente Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada.

“When President Erap did his version of Asiong Salonga, he was just starting out as an actor,” he says without an iota of braggadocio. “Almost in his early twenties if I’m not mistaken.

“Ako naman, I’m in my mid forties now so I would say na prepared na ako and seasoned to handle the demands of the role. ‘Yun lang!”

Oo nga naman. In delineating any given role, one’s vast experiences in life prove to be a big help.

For how could you give pain as your role demands when you’re too young to have experienced it?

Bilang Asiong Salonga, naibigay talaga ni Gov. ER ang hinihingi ng kanyang papel, all the nuances and appropriate facial expressions, along with the necessary sensitivity, to make his interpretation astoundingly good.

No wonder, it’s being received warmly at the box-office now and is doing favorably good, they intend to have it edited for competitions abroad.

Kay Gov. ER pa rin, it’s glaringly obvious that he’s looking his best these days and the harshness of aging appears to have vanished magically from his face.

Mukhang natuto na rin siyang maging banidoso at nagpa-Belo na. Hahahahahahaha!

Anyway, hindi man siya nanalong best actor sa MMFF, positibo siyang sa mga succeeding award-giving bodies ay nakakukuha rin siya kahit isa man lang.

Oo nga naman. He gave a sensitive portrayal in the movie, I honestly believe that an award giving body is going to give him the recognition that he deserves and hankers for.


Total Image Asia avails of Ms. Claire dela Fuente’s services!

IBA talaga ang arrive ni Ms. Claire dela Fuente sa industriya.

Sa totoo, sa kanyang batch, she’s the lone survivor (not even Imelda Papin can lay claim to the fact that she’s still in vogue like the Karen Carpenter of the Philippines) and still the one that’s highly respected and looked up to.

Anyway, may bagong offer sa kanya ang Total Image Asia to come out with a workshop for aspiring singers who need to not only sing but also learn all about performing and gain the much-needed confidence.

Total package improvement workshop for singing includes 10 workshops every weekends Saturdays and Sundays and will start on January 14 and will run for three to four hours per workshop date.

For info, please call Ms. Hem of Total Image Asia in Timog at #2153745.

Learn it from someone who’s been around for quite sometime and yet still remains an icon to look up to and emulate.

A real classy dame, Ms. Claire can perform in elitist venues and in pang-masa outlets with the same ease and confidence that never fades with time.

Ikaw na ang maging enduring diva like Ms. Claire dela Fuente.


Nakahahabag itong si Maria Isabel Lopez

KUNG meron mang boldstar na hindi matanggap na time has passed her by and she’s no longer in vogue, isa itong si Maria Isabel Lopez.

Aminado naman tayong during her time, she was one of the hottest and much sought bold actresses of Philippine cinema.

Enduring din siyang maituturing dahil natigbak na ang career ng kanyang mga contem- poraries pero siya’y naririyan pa at visible pa rin.

Ang kaso, kung makaarte siya ay para bang 80s pa rin at isa pa rin siyang hot enchantress.

I’m sorry, my dear, but time has passed you by and your body is no longer as delectable at it used to be.

Payat ka nga pero bakit ang bilblash mo ay umaatikabo?

Ang wetpaks mo ay wishing it was you na rin dahil siguro sa sobrang addiction mo sa pagda-diet. Hahahahahaha!
Medyo gandahan mo nang konti ang PR mo para naman gumanda-ganda ang reviews sa ‘yo ng mga entertainment writers.

‘Yun lang!


Ideal daughter itong si Ate Vi

LONG life ang mother ng Queenstar for all seasons na si Mama Milagros Santos.

To date, she’ll be turning 86 years old on January 18 and yet she’s still in tip top shape, albeit afflicted with slight dementia, as people her age are frequently subjected to.

Credit should be given to the kind of tender, loving care that Ate Vi gives to her mom. The very reason why Mama Santos has opted to spend her twilight years with her favorite daughter.

Kaya naman nang mag-unwind ang buong pamilya sa Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Batangas with some intimate friends last December 27, she was naturally with them.

“Tama,” Ate Aida Fandialan avers. “Senator Ralph Recto’s mom Carmen G. Recto and her amigas Tita Cely and Tita Letot, Lyn, brother Joel, nephews and nieces, along with close family friends Neil and Maricar with their sons Brian and Fons were there.

“We stayed in Punta Fuego from December 27 to January 2.

“We just arrived last night,” she further intones,” and Vi resumes Batangas job tomorrow. Same with Ryan whose school break ends today.”


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