RETIRED Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz is right to say that the Roman Catholic Church cannot be forced to bless gay marriages or unions. That is their church’s prerogative but it would be wrong for the secular government not to give legal recognition to gay unions or partnership.

It is the right of every individual, whether gay or not, to be legally secure in their relationship and that security goes without saying also includes the right to get out of any relationship.

Cruz is wrong when he said gay marriage have lowered human dignity. It is the intolerant attitude of people, including the established church, that have lowered human standard throughout the ages. It is this intolerant attitude towards others, lest it be forgotten, that have led to the death of thousands during the inquisition period and even up to now. Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgender people may have different sexual preferences. I may not agree with some of their practices but as long as they follow the law and live within its ambit I have no problem with them.

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According to the Catholic Encyclopedia New Advent: “Marriage is that individual union through which man and woman by their reciprocal rights form one principle of generation. It is effected by their mutual consent to give and accept each other for the purpose of propagating the human race, of educating their offspring, of sharing life in common, of supporting each other in undivided conjugal affection by a lasting union.” Based on the definition it seems that the primary purpose of marriage for the Roman Catholic Church is procreation. In fact the absence of the possibility of procreation in a same sex relationship is the fundamental reason why it cannot be allowed by the institutional Roman Catholic Church.

According to Cruz, a canon law expert, “It is not a secret that same-sex marriage can be anything but marriage. The reason is, according to natural law, the  marriage of a man and a woman comes out with children. That is complete consummation of the marriage.”

However, using the same definition, I am wondering why the Roman Catholic Church is not openly voicing out its objection against the marriage of those who cannot bear children for their union  cannot be completely consummated hence it is also contrary to the fundamental reason why the sacrament of marriage is instituted.

Maybe because its objection to same sex marriage is based on other considerations… hypocrisy perhaps?

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