Mr. Right kuno pero nagti-take advantage lang daw sa mabait at gullible na young actress

MARAMI ang naaawa sa gullible na young actress na ‘to na marami pa talaga ang dapat malaman para matuto siyang kumilatis sa mga lalaking kanyang nakasasalamuha.

Masyado kasi siyang pampered at over-protective ang kanyang mga kapatid na babae kaya lumaki siyang hindi masyadong aware sa nature ng mga lalaki in and out of show business.

Sa totoo, the man she’s slowly falling for happens to be a hustler who has nothing in mind but personal gain and advancement.

Magaling siyang gumimik at pomorma kaya nahu-hook niya ang sinumang babae na gusto niyang mabiktima.

He is infinitely shrewd and cunning.

Ang hindi alam ng mabait na aktres, maraming gays ang nag-aabang sa availability ng kanyang boyfriend (Hahahahahahaha! who wouldn’t be ensnared with his kind of succulent machismo that’s impressive both in length and circumference? Hahahahhahaha!) na katilam-tilam daw talaga in bed.


With the hard times, the hunky and tall guy can never say no to bookings, specially so when he’s enjoying it too. Hakhakhakhakhak!

Right! He’s not a real man as the gullible young actress would like to believe.

Even in the States where he practically grew up, his gimmick was already very much well known.

As a matter of fact, his first showbiz girlfriend was purportedly grossly disenchanted when she came to realize the kind of person that he veritably was.

Pero ang nakahahabag talaga ay itong pangalawa niyang target. She is so naive and not in the least bit suspecting that she’s dealing with someone who’s not an ideal boyfriend but wolfish and taking advantage is foremost on his mind.

How pathetic!


Complimentary ang personality nina Coco Martin at Julia Montes

NINE or ten years ang gap nilang dalawa but on cam and even in person, the discrepancy when it comes to their age is barely noticeable.

Coco Martin is youthful and he seems to be the same age bracket as Julia Montes and their tandem is definitely something to look forward to.

Ang ganda rin ng impressive support nila, particularly ang tandem nina Richard Gomez at Dawn Zulueta who’s repeatedly been proven to be effective through the years.

The soap is slated to detonate on Monday, January 16 at ngayon pa lang, super excited na ang kanilang mga tagasubaybay dahil powerhouse cast nga ang “Walang Hanggan” na take off sa isang American classic movie.

Sa direksyon ito nina Jerry Lopez Sineneng at Trina Dayrit kaya makaaasa tayong it’s one hell of a good soap.

Going back to Julia, marami ang natutuwa sa good breaks na dumarating sa kanya lately. She deserves it naman. After all, she’s a good person who’s also hardworking and with a family to feed.

Anyway, mapanonood ito after Ikaw Ang Pag-ibig sa ABS-CBN primetime bida.


Disciplinarian si Ate Vi

KUNG ang ibang artista ay walang keber at pakialam sa kanilang mga tagahanga, Queenstar Vilma Santos maintains a healthy personal relationship with her Vilmanians.

In the event that she gets to discover some of their unsavory doings, she makes it a point to talk to them like a family’s matriach should and give them some sound advice.

Kung nagiging warfreak sila, she admonishes them to control their temper and emotions and should start behaving like educated people should.

No wonder, her Vilmanians are such well-behaved and educated lot.

Kung ano kasi ang idolo, ganon din ang mga tagahanga.

And Ms. Vilma Santos is such a cultured benevolent woman who wants to do things right most of the time.

Anyway, napag-alaman naming binigyan niya diumano ng disciplinary action ang isang fan na may mga pinagsasabing di kagandahan sa amin sa internet.

Nakabibilib talaga si Ate Vi. Her fans respect her so much, they listen to whatever she says or instruct them to do for the common good.

Ikaw na ang maging Queenstar for all seasons.


Bongga ang pagsalubong sa ‘prodigal son’ ng ABS-CBN

HE WAS still very young when he started making a name for himself in Tinsel Town.

Agaw-eksena ang pagganap niya sa movie na ‘yun kung saan the divine diva Ms. Zsa Zsa Padilla delineated the role of his mom.

But then something happened along the way and he decided to try other other avenues but he’s back and his friends are veritably rejoicing.

Yes, Patrick Garcia is a Kapamilya once again and for his comeback project, he’s reunited with Maja Salvador and Jason Abalos by way of the project “Lumayo Ka Man Sa Akin.”

Ang sabi, ganado raw na muling magtrabaho ang golden boy ng Star Network dahil na-feel niyang he’s still very much welcome and needed.

Oo nga naman.

Anyway, nakasisiguro kaming good things are waiting for him now that he’s home.

For one, he’s a good actor and youth is still with him, there’s no way but to go up and fulfill his immense promise.


Kayod-marino para kay papa

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Blooming lately ang dancer/singer/actress na ‘to na parang lone survivor sa kanilang grupo sa network na ‘yun.

‘Yung ibang kagrupo kasi niya ay lumipat na sa kabilang network but she has remained loyal to the network she has always worked for since she started out in the business many years ago.

Her career may not be half as fabulous as it used to be when their group was still solid and she was its unquestioned queen, but she’s being given good roles and prominent exposures and for her, that would more than suffice.

If before she was kind of timid and shy when donning provocative outfits and was perpetually encased in thick stockings, these days she can afford to wear maong shorts, with full abandon, that more than highlight her ample endowments.

Come to think of it, she and the other petite dancer/actress who used to compete for the number one position when they were still under one management have the same fate.

The only difference lies with the fact that the brown-skinned dancer/singer/actress has found the better mate while she has been saddled with the shrewd one. Hahahaha!

Kaya habang luhaan ang ate natin, (cry me a river talaga siya sa isa nilang teevee guesting while the shrewd guy looked on amused… Hahahahaha! Yosi-kadiri!) lalong nagbu-bloom naman ang morenang girlalu na laging sated and contented with her papa’s succulence and endowments (succulence and endowments raw, o! Hahahahahaha!).

Some people are really born lucky.

Daks na nga ang kachurvahan, mabait pa at masunurin (it depends on how you understand the word mga hijas… Hahahahahahahaha!).

‘Yun na!

Kaya kung nakikita n’yong pala-palaging smile galore ang ate n’yo on cam, dapat lang naman dahil the moment she gets to finish her commitments and workload, papa’s smoldering machismo is waiting at home to fulfill her other most pressing needs. Ahahahayyyyy!

Tsalap-tsalap talaga. Hahahahahahahahaha!


Walang takot sa hubaran

HE GREW up in the States that’s why he’s got a liberated point of view when it comes to baring.

Sa isang fantasy soap palang nila ni Claudine Barretto when she was still a part of Star Cinema’s coterie of talents, inatake ng hypertension ang gay community (Hahahahahaha!) when Rafael Rosell did a nude scene without so much as covering his most intimate part. Hahahahahahahaha!

Today, nudity is something that he doesn’t shun away from provided that the role needs to be a good one and his baring scenes justified or needed for the role.

Hahahahahahahaha! Bawal magtikol! Hakhakhakhakhak!


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