My take during the impeachment trial

NO folks, it isn’t grammatical error.  I am not talking about my “take on”—or what I understand of—the impeachment trial but of my experiences as an actual observer during the proceedings.

From the first day to the fourth, Senators Defensor Santiago and Legarda were absent, the former on account of sickness and the latter to take care of her long-time yaya who was recuperating from a colorectal surgery in a US hospital.

I saw how important attendance was, because when an earlier article in Remate Online reported Senators Trillanes and Villar as absent on the third day, immediately the Media Relations Officers (MROs) of both senators called the attention of our Remate online editor Linda Bohol to the slip-up, prompting the latter to check with the Senate Journal Service the status of the attendance of said senators and immediately rectifying the error in a subsequent article, clarifying that both senators arrived immediately after the roll call.  After posting her article, Ms Bohol immediately informed the MROs of the rectification.

This incident also made me realize how wide Remate Online’s readership was.

On the second day of the trial, I heard Senator Drilon complain to Senate Secretary Reyes: “I have one complaint about the arrangements yesterday.  The coffee was terrible!”

Immediately after posting this anecdote as a status on my Facebook wall, Ms Grace San Juan, a staff of Deputy Secretary Peter Paul Pineda of the Senate’s External Affairs and Relations Office, said she would inform her boss about it.  After five hours, she posted this comment on my wall: “Bumili na ng bagong kape.”

I have many more anecdotes, but will reserve it for some future time.  There are anecdotes that could be written here, but some are better left on my notebook to avoid possible legal battles for me and for the publication (ha ha).

Being part in the making of history—albeit on a controversial matter that is shaking up the very foundations of the nation—is a great honor and privilege. Our responsibility as writers is to provide the public with clear and succinct summary of the proceedings.  But as a columnist, I am likewise privileged to give my take on the impeachment trial (am I not just so lucky to be on both worlds?).  In my next writings I will give you my take on the proceedings.

Have a happy and impeachment-free long weekend, everyone!

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