No doubt ‘Wow Philippines’ is still the best slogan

AT least it’s not plagiarized.

If the Tourism Department cannot find anything that is not a copycat, then why proceed with the idea anyway.  For sure our thinking, smart countrymen would not take any noteworthy national issue sitting down without finding anything wrong with it (to avoid putting the country to shame) using information just right there at their fingertips.

The intent of focusing on the core strength of this country—the Filipino people—is well taken.  However, any deed that runs counter to this would put all our efforts to waste.  It’s like a fastfood offering to serve you in 30 seconds or less, or you would get your order for free.  A number of international fastfood chains tried this marketing strategy in the Philippines, but failed. The reason for this, I presume, is the fact that people still need to be trained to come up to standards.  If a balikbayan arrives at the airport and the taxi drivers would chant their usual “pamasko lang, Mam, ha,” all the DOT’s efforts would go down the drain.

Pagtatawanan lang tayo ng mga turista, ng mga balikbayan at ng buong mundo.

While generally the Filipinos are “among the most easygoing and ebullient people anywhere,” as the Lonely Planet claims, minsan nag-iiba na ang usapan pagdating sa pera.

Sa airport pa lang sobra sobra na ang taga. Just last New Year’s dawn, as I was hailing a taxicab, hindi namamansin ang mga drivers. Palaging may dagdag o nangongontrata. Pero pag nakitang foreigners, agad paparahan. I overheard a taxi driver charge P400 for the ride from Makati to Quezon City.

For me, WOW Philippines is still the best tourism slogan there.  Nakatatak na sa isipan ng mga tao.  It’s like saying pabili ng Colgate yung Close Up, or pabili ng Ajinomoto, or Mongol. Meron ng name recall. Parang  generic na.  Why is the the DoT adamant in investing on a strategy that has worked well, even if it belongs to past administrations?  Pride ba ang dahilan nito?  At least yan hindi na mahirap i-market.

Base sa reaksiyon ng mga tao sa bagong tourism slogan na “It’s more fun in the Philippines,” hindi pa nagsisimula, tigok na.

Capitalizing on the goodness of the Filipino is noteworthy, but to me it seems like the Department is passing on to the citizens the responsibility of increasing tourism arrivals by conscious efforts of doing good, being hospitable, happy and warm.
There’s danger that if Filipinos don’t shape up, tourists will ship out.

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