Ruffa Gutierrez, the country’s answer to Hollywood’s most glamorous outfiteras

LAST Sunday Ruffa Gutierrez appeared in a flowing, dainty silky red gown which looked like it was draped (think without stitches yet in it visible to the naked eye) about her svelte and statuesque beauty perhaps to give meaning to the Chinese New Year at Cristy Fermin’s Paparrazzi (yes, the highly anticipated Sunday showbiz  talk show is patentedly Cristy’s ) with co-host Zoren Legaspi, Dolly Ann Carvajal and the most recent to take over Mo Twister’s seat Mr. Fu who I think is many times over a competent TV host himself.

Truth to tell,  I have always maintained through much of my guesting on Paparrazzi the past years that whenever I see Ruffa on the set I could not help but intimate always with my colleagues that on my book she is comparable if not more to the top Hollywood actresses in beauty, total bearing and most of all in the way she dresses up herself impeccably and consistently in her most haute-couture apparel every Sunday for the viewers to delight and behold. To take their breaths away! Ruffa is our answer to Hollywood’s most glamorous outfiteras!

So much to be shared in last Sunday’s episode of Paparrazzi especially that one told by Ruffa herself who just flew in from her family vacation in L.A. and New York. It was the first time for her two bubbly daughters to watch a snow.

She had one surprise on BB Gandang Hari who she met up with at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Parenthetical, based on my last visit there, too (i-write in ba ang sarili, ha pero pagbigyan ‘nyo na rin), St. Patrick church is where most Pinoys go to for Sunday mass and the elevated facade fronting the church is a good place to hang around for people watching while feeling perhaps you’re most holy at the moment. And why not you are near the house of God after all.

So how’s BB Gandang Hari? Says Ruffa: “He’s androgynous in looks (meaning, pwedeng babae o lalaki ang maging bearing if he wants to especially that he is there as fashion model, etc.). Haping-hapi siya, very thin at wala nang kilay. To maintain his body, he has to run a mile everyday around New York. We had much time bonding together at St. Partick’s.”

Did she ever ask kung nagpaputol as in nagpa-opera ba si BB Gandang Hari sa kanyang “ka-arian?” Ruffa shrieked, “Oy ano ba kayo? S’yempre out of delicadeza I would not ask him that question. That’s a very private affair, noh. Unless he volunteers, pero hindi and we did not come to that point. We had so much topic to talk kasi kaya siguro hindi na namin napag-usapan ‘yun hahaha!”

Promise Mr. Omar S., punong-puno ang last Sunday’s episode ng Paparrazzi. Good friend Cristy was most happy to announce to all and sundry na finally nagkabati na rin sina Willy Revillame at Jobert Sucaldito. And us, too, if you ask.

We had a full glimpse of Beth Tamayo who made a sort of self-confession from her situationer done by the jetset movie scribe Jun Lalin himself who spent a four-day vacation in New York.

So everything is okay with her there, too although she emphasized she had to go through the works of a typical overseas worker in the beginning to start a new life there far from the care of her controversial husband Johnny Wong (think gun running accusations) back in the Philippines with whom she has recently and formally separated from.

It was also the 18th birthday of Drama Princess at TV5 Ritz Azul who is getting a much deserved accolade for her role in primetime series “Glamorosa.” Her revelation that she wants yet to become a beauty queen was endorsed warmly by the audience knowing that she has got what it takes after all to be a beauty queen herself.

But the knock down news of all was the announcement at the episode with Princess of TV Eula Caballero and Australian-based TV Princess too of TV5 Jasmine Curtis. As they answered questions from the press, the male figure onscreen on a puzzle as their backdrop who will play male lead for the two of them in a coming drama series was slowly revealed showing finally the photo of no other than the most beloved by Pinoys and the very phenomenal American Idol winner David Archuleta who is arriving on Jan. 13. Abangan!

And since it was the last week for the Metro Manila Film Festival 2010, Zoren Legaspi was not one to be upstaged either when he reported the news at hand that so far the gross income was 636 million pesos. Happily the gross showed it has accumulated an increase of 17.6 % from that of last year’s festival.

Congratulations and thanks to the Filipino people who supported the last MMFF!

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