Sa Twitter, Facebook nag-celebrate ng birthday si Sharon Cuneta

NAG-POST si Sharon Cuneta sa kanyang Facebook fan page tungkol sa kanyang naging birthday celebration last Jan. 6, Friday.

“I didn’t feel like celebrating my birthday yesterday. I had the birthday blues,and I wasn’t even feeling well because I had started coughing the night before and ang bigat ng katawan ko.

“But my family was so cute — when I woke up, Frankie and Miel (ang dalawang anak nila ni Sen. Francis Kiko Pangilinan) came in bearing trays of food — steak, and Eggs Benedict (my favorite breakfast, and that Frankie had cooked!).

“Miguel (her adopted son) was saling-pusa! Then Kiko came in carrying the most beautiful red roses. We all sat on the bed and ate together! It was so sweet.

“Later I just spent the day with them and my mommy and Judy Ann (Santos) with her kids Yohan and Lucho here at home in Laguna. We just made ihaw-ihaw. We had prawns and lobsters and liempo and oysters, etc. It was simple and stress-less.

“Then after sila Judai left, Kiko and the kids and I sat on our bed and each of us said a birthday prayer (one of our traditions) which was so touching, then I had a massage and slept early!

“Such a huge change from my having a birthday show every year for almost a quarter of a century, but a welcome one. Quiet is good sometimes. Makes you appreciate what TRULY matters in life and what will last far longer than all that’s temporary.

“God is good. He is awesome. I pray that we all have a wonderful and blessed year!” mahabang entry ni Shawie sa FB fan page niya.

Maya-maya ay nag-addendum siya and posted: “Oh, I almost forgot!–We had fireworks before sila Judai left last night!!! Thanks, Kiko!”

Hindi kami nagdudang si Sharon nga ang nag-post dahil sa kanyang bagong Twitter account ay sinabi niyang i-check-out daw ang kanyang fan page sa FB dahil nag-post daw siya what she did on her birthday.

Sa kanyang Twitter account naman ay nagpasalamat si Sharon sa lahat ng mga bumati sa kanyang kaarawan kabilang na ang Star Cinema family headed by Malou Santos.

“Star Cinema sent me beautiful flowers, and the most touching message. I am sharing it w/ u here w/ Tita Malou Santos’ permission: ‘Dearest Shawie, There’s the occasional moment in life when you look at someone and simply feel grateful for that person. Happy Birthday! With Much Love, Your Star Cinema Family.’ (And they all signed. :-( I miss you all! Thank you so much,” tweet ni Mega.

Sa FB naman ay nagpasalamat siya sa kanyang TV5 family.

“THANK YOU, TV5 FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY MESSAGES ON TV YESTERDAY!!!! Sadly, wala akong nakita! Please, please, please, may I have a copy of them all? Lots of love to you, my TV5 family!! Big hug!” she posted.

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