Abusive dad

HERE’S another ridiculous example of arrogance and abuse of authority of an elective official who’s supposed to protect the people who voted for him and catapulted him to power.

Going over the report from a unit of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) headed by Chief Insp. Manolo Salvatierra based in the northern Metro Manila, Malabon City Councilor Dado Cunanan appears to have a lot of explaining to do particularly to his constituents whom he will surely approach and beg for votes as local election is just near the corner.

Brandishing a gun, he tagged with him his two sons also said to be carrying firearms as they threatened four young men and a female minor, one of them was shot and wounded by the terrific councilor as claimed by the victim in his statement before Salvatierra’s Northern Metro Manila Criminal Investigation and Detection Team (NMMCIDT).

Not contented, the councilor and his two sons had their two more companions as tormentors of the hapless victims whose only fault, if it’s a fault to be called, when they attended last week a farewell party of their friend at a nearby bar near their residence in Barangay Potrero where the Cunanans also live.

For sure, the good alderman, who’s said to be the tops among his colleagues at the Sangguniang Panglunsod since he garnered the highest votes in 2010 polls, wouldn’t have the scarcity of excuses to absolve himself and his two sons from the ugly incident that would certainly be a big crack to his image so much so if he’s bigger political plans come 2013.

Nonetheless, it’s another thing as the police are so determined that charges of attempted murder, slight physical injuries and grave threats have already been filed against him and his co-respondents before the City Prosecutor’s Office. In their statement culled from the police report, the young victims, aged 16 to 23, said they were calmed down in spite of the horrible incident that took place that early morning of January 31 because they saw the councilor approaching them.

To their surprise, the magnificent gun-wielding councilor was said to be threatening to kill them as he and his two sons poked their guns at the victims who by the way had become excessively traumatized by what happened.

What a display of boastfulness does this councilor do that he even threatens
those reporters who ran the story with libel.

Instead of turning his ire on mediamen who just are doing their jobs, he must face the case against him fairly and squarely so that he wouldn’t be accused of cowardice.

This space is open for the Cunanans especially the adorable councilor to air their sides.

Be my guest.

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