Army captures three rebels in Quezon

MANILA, Philippines – Three communist rebels were captured on Wednesday following an encounter with government troops in a remote village in Quezon province, military reports said Thursday.

Lt. Colonel Oliver Maquiling, commander of the 85th Infantry Battalion said the rebels were captured following a brief encounter in Barangay Canda, Ilaya in Lopez town on Wednesday noon.

The military official said that a nine-man unit from his battalion was dispatched to the said village following the reported presence of ten heavily armed men engaged in extortion activities.

As government troops approaches, the rebels opened fire at them triggering a five-minute exchange of fire that resulted to the capture of three rebels while others quickly fled towards different directions.

Three high-powered firearms including two M16 rifles, one M14 rifle, claymore mines, and the rebels’ personal belongings were confiscated by the soldiers, Maquiling said.

The captured rebels refused to reveal their true identities and were brought to the headquarters of the 85th Infantry Battalion to undergo customary custodial debriefing, the military official said.

Maquiling said that he had also coordinated the local authorities for the identification and the disposition of the captive NPA rebels.

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