Hulidap cops strike in Manila

HULIDAP cops reared their ugly – and cheap – heads again.

Four individuals shared with Remate Online desk their unfortunate and disappointing experience with police authorities from Manila Police District Precinct Station 5 at early dawn today.

The four recounted that they were drinking a few bottles of alcoholic beverage inside a red Toyota Corolla parked in the Quirino Grandstand when a mobile patrol chanced upon them.

They were taken to Ospital ng Maynila where test results proved that they’re positive of being under the influence of alcohol.

The cops proceeded to bring them to Precinct Station 5 and that was where the culmination of the dirty deeds took place.

“They (cops) were saying that we’ll be in jail for three days kaya natakot talaga kami,” one of the four victims said.

“Sabi namin baka p’wedeng mapag-usapan na lang kung ano man ‘yung ikakaso nila sa amin.”

Somewhere along that line lies the magic word. The arresting cops quickly pounced on that statement and asked for what they call “panggasolina.”

The misadventure of the four came to an abrupt end for a dear price of P500. Noli Cruz

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