Investing on CCTV

HERE’S another real story that shows how advantageous would it be if one or in this case, the villages, will invest in putting up a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera on strategic   areas that will certainly be an excellent deterrent against lawlessness or instrument to solve crime.

Unlucky was one Alvin Villanueva, 29, who rode in tandem with another notorious robber-snatcher Edgardo Egusquiza, 30, when they grabbed the cellular phone of a village resident, Lilet Dizon, 38, on Sunday in Barangay 163 in Sta. Quiteria, Caloocan City.

Unknown to the duo, there was a CCTV camera strategically set up at the Del Rey Ville Subdivision right at the place where the two suspects, who turned to be notorious in the area, were victimizing the hapless woman.

After reviewing the contents of the camera, Barangay Chairman Cenon Mayor immediately coordinated with the members of the nearby Police Community Precinct-2 and consequently conducted a follow-up operation resulting in the arrest of Villanueva and the recovery of the motorcycle they used in the crime.

So that’s it. If it were not for the CCTV installed by the Chairman Mayor and the homeowners’ association head Evelyn Dator, another crime could have gone away with the culprits roaming freely and ready anytime to attack another innocent victims.

If Chairman Mayor could put up the system in his turf in his determined bid to protect his constituents from lawless elements, it shouldn’t be impossible to other barangays not only in Caloocan but in Metro Manila, at least, to invest in such project.

But for Chairman Mayor, he didn’t have to wait for the help to pour out from the City Hall.

He simply secured the support of the local residents especially those who can afford and willing to share what they have for their village and at the same time maximize the resources of the barangay, that’s it.

“The CCTV we put in our barangay is really a big help for us especially in the deterrence of the crime and for monitoring during typhoons wherein we can immediately extend assistance to the affected families,” Mayor says.
It would be better if others will follow suit and install their own CCTV camera system because it would definitely contribute to the decline in the commission of crime that happens not only once daily in a particular barangay and as what Chairman Mayor is saying, it’s an ideal monitoring tool during calamities.

And who else will not be enthralled by this young and energetic Chairman Mayor who would always fascinate his immediate constituents by his dedication and being hands-on to his job in the barangay?

Talking of “first”, Chairman Mayor’s barangay has its website wherein all information including job opportunities can be read and seen.

If others can now claim they also have, it’s because they were inspired by the former’s initiatives.

A salute to you Councilor, I mean, Chairman Mayor!

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