Kinakain ang suka niya! Hahahahaha!

HAGALPAKAN to-the-max ang mga otawzing sa kaplastikan ni Ferminata, da tupperware lola. Tupperware lola raw, o! Hahaahahahahahaha!

Dati-rati, bira to-the-max ang lolang ngangaera (lolang ngangaera raw, o! would you ever believe that? how gross! Hakhakhak!) kay Lea Salonga dahil binibira raw nito si Anne Curtis in a highly baseless manner. Hakhakhak!

But predictably so, this old matrona who’s very much devoid of any credibility (hitsura ng ipu-ipo..Hahahahahaha!) is once again singing a totally different tune these days.

Puri to-the-max na naman siya kay Lea Salonga (it reminds me of her cheap actuation when Superstar Nora Aunor first came to TV5 a couple of months ago… Hahahahahaha! si Bungalya talaga, oo!) dahil  part na pala ng Kapatid family ang orig na Pinoy talent na naka-penetrate sa international scene.

How nauseating! Hakhakhak!

Matanong nga pala kita, gurangga, why did you suddenly stop in writing acidly about your fave ebak series?


I suppose I know the answer by now. Hahahahahaha! You were embarrassed when I wrote about your ignominious ebak episode in Cavite almost two decades ago. Hakhakhakhakhak!

Hindi talaga naka-ek si Lola Ferminata dahil nag-boomerang sa kanya lahat ng mga yosi-kadiring ebak chuvanes na sinulat niya many times over. Hakhakhak!

Imagine, pati buwan at mga bituin ay naeskandalo sa tipaklongic na pagtalun-tulon niya habang umiebak.


Ang matindi pa, may ahas na naligaw, you could just imagine how Ferminata reacted when she was almost naked while she was trying to shun away from the venomous snake. Hahahahaha!

From that time on, the smell of her own ordure just could not be totally eradicated from her memory, she needs to have it exorcised by writing about it repeatedly to the point of nausea. Hahahahahahaha!

How gross!


‘You Were There’ naiibang indie movie

SA PAGPAPATULOY ng anniversary ng Laser Rock Cinema, muling saksihan ang isang kwento ng pag-ibig at pamilya. Fresh from the makers of All I Need is You, muling magtatambal sina Robin Planilla and Noriane Escueta kasama si Carlos Estrella sa bagong proyekto na YOU WERE THERE. Binalikan nila ang memorable scene sa nasabing pelikula: “Memorable experience ko sa All I Need is You eh yung pagsasaulo ng script. Madali lang naman siya pero nabubulol ako sa mga Chinese words pag nasa shoot.

“I enjoy a lot kaya thank you till next time” wika ni Noraine na gumanap bilang Rosiel Wong sa second episode ng nasabing indie film.

Si Robin Planilla naman ang director at writer ng nasabing proyekto, ay gaganap bilang Lorenzo Garcia.“Marami akong memorable scene sa movie naming ito. Magagaling kasi ang cast na kasama ko rito and marami akong natutunan sa karakter ni Carlo Wong na isang Chinese businessman.

“Ready na rin akong maging si Enzo Garcia na karakter ko sa You Were There under LR Cinema sa next film.

“Ang hindi ko malilimutan sa shoot ng All I Need is You eh ang pagme-memorize ng Chinese lines kaya laging nabubulol ako,” kwento ni Carlos.

Ang You Were There ay isang ropmantic-family drama na produced ng Laser Rock Cinema.


Mr. Felipe L. Gozon excited sa ‘The Road’

WE ARE honored to have the opportunity to exhibit the ingenuity and creativity of our artists and director in the international market,” Mr. Felipe L. Gozon proudly states at the presscon of the GMA masterpiece The Road that will be released in mainstream American and Canadian market by Freestyle Releasing this May 11, 2012.

“It’s about time that the we show the world that we, Filipinos, are not only good in boxing or singing, but we can also excel in the field of filmmaking.

“The release of The Road in the U.S. and Canada is good news not just for GMA films but also for the Philippine film industry because this would inspire specially our new generation directors, writers, cinematographers, and artists to perfect their skills and aspire for greater heights.”  Well, this is indeed one big step towards the proliferation of Philippine made movies at the international market.

Incidentally, The Road is directed by ace filmmaker Yam Laranas and starred in by GMA homegrown talents that include Rhian Ramos, Carmina Villaroel (who’s now with ABS-CBN), Marvin Agustin, TJ Trinidad, Alden Richards, Louise delos Reyes, Derrick Monasterio, among many others.

It will also be simultaneously released in digital home video format (DVD) and will be made available globally via subscription-based and online distribution platforms including Video-on-demand (VoD), Amazon Prime, Netflix, and iTunes.


Wala nang arrive ang que sabrosong nota

HAHAHAHAHA! We do emphatize with the sad plight of this not-so-young singer/actor who used to be one of the hottest newcomers in the biz many years ago.

During that time, tilam-tilam to-the-max talaga ang lalakerong hunk na nakatatawang super dakota.

Super dakota raw, o! Hahahahahahahaha!

Sa totoo lang, the men he’s falling for pales in comparison with his formidable dick that’s impressive both in length and circumference as well. Hahahahahahahahahahaaaayyy!

Nevertheless, he was smitten with the flawless skin tone of the new hunk whose dick happens to smooth and pinkish Smooth and pinkish daw, o! Hakhakhak!

But their intriguing love (or is lust more fitting and apt? Hahahahahahahaha!) affair did not last that long, the brown-skinned hunk being intrinsically polygamous by nature.

Nota-gamous (is there such a word as this? Hahahahahaha!) by nature raw, o! Hakhakhakhakhak!

Sa ngayon, gusto nang ma-penetrate ng lulugo-lugong hunk ang Hollywood scene dahil disenchanted siya sa naging outcome ng kanyang career at lovelife in the Philippines.

Que pobrecito! Hahahahahahaha!

Magtagumpay naman kaya? Well, ayaw naming maging prophet of doom but we really don’t think so.

How infinitely sad!


Aning-aning na si Vavalina (hahahahaha!)

FOR wanting of better things to do, the uncircumcized (uncircumcized daw, o! yuck! how gross! Hahahahahaha!) faggot seems to be obsessed in sending diabolically obscene text messages at our cell phones from Morning to sundown and even late at night. Hahahahahaha!

He just can’t accept the fact that we are doing well, the competition in the field of writing notwthstanding. Hahahahahahaha!

While the old hag of a miserable fag is practically dying slowly of hunger, (would you know what that connotes despicable ugly lola? Hahahahahaha!), my writing and radio hosting career is slowly but surely thriving. Hahahahahahaha!

Duldulin ka kasi, lola, at may mga ugly triangular marks all over your body that signify how evil you veritably are.

How veritably evil daw, o! Hahahahahahahaha!

Anyhow, you can send in as many sickening messages your warped mind could possibly concoct for all I care.



Ate Vi is undisputably number 1!

VICARIOUSLY, I’m enormously happy that Queenstar Vilma Santos is presently still the most exciting  actress this side of Hollywood in spite of the domineering presence of younger actresses who are desperately trying to edge her out of her formidable position in the business and in the intriguing world of politics as well.

Of course superstar Ms. Nora Aunor is going to be back soon to showcase her kind of brilliance but it’s an unassailable fact that Ate Vi has remained her fiercest rival in the business.

In a way, Lucky Manzano’s mom has a big edge in the sense that she’s always been around and has never left the business for one reason or another.

Besides, at this juncture, Ate Vi has nothing to prove anymore.

Come rain or high water, she’s been able to hold on to her lofty position and that’s a fact that even her fiercest detractor cannot refute or question.


Adonis Santos wholesome & goal oriented

OUT of the many candidates who competed for the title Fashionissimo 2011, Adonis Santos truly stood out with his enormous charm and machismo.

He might have paraded in his skimpy bikini trunks at the contest proper but the guy is wholesome and kind of timid backstage.

A graduate of Hotel & Restaurant Management, he dreams of opening his own resto in the near future.


KC is hot!

MAGMULA nang ma-feature natin sa Remate ang kaseksihan ni KC Concepcion, we’ve been enundated with truckloads of requests coming from her numerous following all over the land, most of which are cultured young men.

Well, here’s luscious KC in her most provocative best!

Enjoy it while she’s still in the mood to do some cheesecake poses. Hahahahahahaha!


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And with that, ito po ang kuya Pete ninyo na nagsasabing, Christopher, my son, I love you very, very much, my love for you goes beyond eternity.

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