Lovi Poe nag-walkout sa Party Pilipinas ng GMA nang makita roon si Cong. Ronald Singson (Buhkit?)

SUNDAY’S perpetually a busy day for us so we hardly have time to watch shows on teevee anymore. Unbeknown to us, nag-walkout daw pala ang kontrobersyal na alaga ni Leo Dominguez na si Lovi Poe last Sunday dahil nagulat siya nang makita roon si Cong. Ronald Singson.


“I was just caught off guard,” comes her cool answer in an interview at the posh Shangrila Hotel yesterday. “I know that Ron’s intention was good,” she adds in earnest. “It’s just that I was not expecting it siguro.”

Asked if they are back in each other’s arms after all the exciting news about their intimate togetherness in a hotel in Cebu a week or two ago, she says that is not so.

“Wala talaga,” she says in a most emphatic manner. “We’re not back together.

“We’re just friends,” she asseverates. “Focus lang ako sa work”

Sa ngayon, she says it’s nothing but work in as far as she’s concerned and love will have to wait and take the backseat.

“There’s a time for that (love),” she coos. “Tapings for Legacy takes up my time but it’s okay. I feel so inspired. The lines are so good and pretty inspiring.

“What I like about it (Legacy) is that I’m human. Minsan masama ang ugali ko, minsan, mabait naman.”

Any comment about some allegations that she’s upstaging Heart Evangelista in most of their scenes together?

“We have all our moments,” she says emphatically.

Anyway, she’s most emphatic that her world these days revolves around her work and nothing else. “I wouldn’t want anything to distract me.

“Basta I’m happy that I’m able to do my job.”

Anyway, going back to Cong. Singson, she says that time has considerably evolved since they were separated from each other. Like who she was supposedly then and who she is now.

“The motive to surprise me and the intentions were good,” she avers. “Di lang sigu- ro ako prepared for such eventuality.”

Anyway, one of the invited press has noticed that her performance at their soap Legacy is not consistent. Sometimes her voice would supposedly taper off when she started sounding so good.

“There’s a time na… ano’ng oras na ba kaming nagte-taping?” she expounds in earnest. Last pong (ponggol) pa naman ako but I try to maintain it.

“I mean the mood and tone of my voice.

“Imagine, madaling araw na ‘yun, gigisingin ko ang sarili ko,” she explains methodically. “Ako kasi ang laging nahuhuli.

“Of course I’m trying to be focused on my acting but sometimes nao-off ka rin dahil madaling araw na.

“You guys know the feeling?” she demands softly.

Anyway, Valentine’s day is fast approaching, any special plans?

“I made sure that na may work ako,” she intimates, half-amused. “But I intend to squeeze in a guesting stint at the NBC tent.

“Suffice to say, my date is my work on Valentine’ day.”

‘Yun na!

But for how long? Hahahahahahahaha!

No further comment.


Dating mahusay na starlet patambay-tambay na lang sa bahay ng kanyang manager kuno

ANO ba ang ginawa ng dating maganda at mahusay umarteng sexy starlet na ‘to at nagpataba nang husto kaya di na nakilala ng mga otawzing sa isang subdivision sa Novaliches?

Imagine, halos buong maghapon daw siyang nag-motor sa loob ng subdivision nang, ironically, wala halos nakakikilala sa kanya?


Pa’no naman, ang taba-taba na niya at nangagsisipag-igkasan ang kanyang mga bilblash ever. Hahahahahaha!

Ang nakatutuwa, nang pauwi na siya the following day, ayaw namang umandar ang second (or third hand? Hahahahaha!) na caru kaya walk with faith in your heart ang gandara sana pero tabachingching namang starlita.


‘Yan kasi ang hirap kung napabayaan mo ang iyong katawan at naging lomodic ka na, the very reason why your career has considerably plummeted.


Ka-deppress ever! Hahahahahaha!

Wala ka na ngang career, wala ka pang anda, ni caru ay hindi ka nakapagpundar.

Naku! wala siyang ikinaiba sa mga veteran actors natin na kailangan pang ihatid ng mga kaibigan nilang may caru dahil walang caru na naipundar.

Indeed, life in show business is pretty depressing if you didn’t have the initiative, along with the presence of mind to save for the rainy days.

‘Yun na!


Raymond Bagatsing’s legal wife is in town

WAS able to talk to Raymond Bagatsing’s legal wife Cora Patrana, who’s in town in connection with the book she’s writing for a publisher in Los Angeles, US of A, and I was surprised to know that they are still, supposedly, very much married.

“Yes,” my friend Cora P. intones. “We were together for almost 4 years but I lost him when he went steady with this European woman and he came back to the Philippines.”

Their relationship supposedly had a good start but it went downhill all the way when people started harping about the discrepancy in their age.

“I don’t know why some people are very particular about age when what matters most in a relationship is that you get along well and understand each other perfectly,” Cora musingly states.

But are they on speaking terms?

“Not anymore,” Cora answers truthfully. “But it’s not him I’m after when I enplaned from the US more than a week ago.

“I have some friends to see and my sister as well who’s residing her in Parañaque.

“Partly, to unwind na rin,” she adds as an afterthought.

Aware ba siya that her estranged husband is doing a teevee soap for the Kapuso network?

Fittingly titled The Good Daughter, it stars Kylie Padilla in the title role with Rocco Nacino as Darwin, her love interest and with a stellar support that include Alicia Mayer, Glydel Mercado, LJ Reyes, Dion Ignacio, Ervic Vejandre (who’s fast becoming a looker and hunky, too, I’m sure someone is missing him… Hahahahaha!), and Ms. Luz Valdez as Bea’s (Kylie) doting grandma.

The program will premiere on February 13 after Kokak on GMA Afternoon Prime.

“Yes. I know and she’s paired off opposite that starlet who’s plump and unattractive,”she hisses like a wounded snake. Hahahahaha!

In fairness, Alicia Mayer is not in the least bit plump when I saw her at the presscon donning a strikingly fashionable fuchsia gown.

Anyhow, like I said, starting Feb. 13, hahataw na sa Afternoon Prime ang The Good Daughter after Kokak.


Hataw ang ‘Mundo Man Ay Magunaw’ ni Eula Valdez

MARAMI ang nakare-relate sa riveting portrayal ni Ms. Eula Valdez sa kanyang role bilang Olivia Valdez na rati’y isang tahimik na babae na binago ng panahon at naging palaban dahil sa kagustuhan niyang muling mabawi ang dalawang anak na nawala sa kanya mula nang makulong siya more than two decades ago.

Intense ang mga confrontation scenes rito ni Eula with the evil character of Tessie Tomas at very moving naman ang mga eksena niya with her daughters Nikki and Empress.

Very effective para sa amin ang paghahanap niya sa internet ng facebook ng kanyang anak na si Nikki (Jennifer La Peña in the soap) at diring-diri naman kami sa role ni Sylvia Sanchez bilang lasenggang adoptive mom ni Empress.

Pakatandaan, mapanonood araw-araw right after It’s Showtime ang Mundo Man Ay Magunaw sa Kapamilya Gold ng ABS-CBN.


Sobrang inggit ni Ferminata kay Sarah Geronimo kaya araw-araw ay binibira sa cheap niyang columns

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Bira to-the-max si Ferminata, ang oslang host ng tigbakers ng Starlet Confession at ng soon-to-get axed na Juiceless (Hahahahahahaha!) kay Sarah Geronimo at sa madir nitong si Mommy Divine.

For wanting of better things to do, ang mag-ina na naman ang napagti-trip-an niya lately kanyang sa AC/DC columns. Hahahahahaha!

Kesyo mas mahal pa raw ni Mommy Divine ang mga dyoso (aso vagah.. Hahahaha!) kaysa mga kasambahay nila na punupurga raw nito araw-araw sa mga gulay at isda.

Hahahahahahaha! Di nga ba’t mas mahal pa ang isda compared sa mga karne na ‘yan?

Palibahasa’y hindi naman namamalengke si Fermi kaya hindi aware sa mga presyohan ngayon sa palengke.

Cheap! Hahahahahaha!

Naku, dead-mahin n’yo ‘yang si Nganga Queen dahil anda lang ang gusto niyan kaya dapat dead-ma! Hahahahaha!

Minsan naman, sinulat ng ngangaerang ‘yan na dinekwat daw ni Mommy Divine ang lechon na binili ng mga fans ni Sarah kaya shakira raw ang mga ito. Hahahahaha!


Baka gusto niya sa kanya ibigay ang lechon. Hahahahahahaha!



Mga reporter na pinaluha raw ni Ate Vi… pantasya?

FOR wanting of better things to do, some people are fabricating some baseless lies to bismirch the spotless reputation of Governor Vilma Santos Recto.

Kesyo may group of entertainment writers raw na nag-go sa Batangas at pinaluha raw sila ni Ate Vi?

Really? Hahahahahaha! How amusing naman.

As far as I know, kapag nalaman ni Ate Vi na may press na nagpunta sa kanya sa Kapitolyo, she makes it a point to make them ‘happy’ and ‘satisfied’.

It’s not in her character to ignore the working press or make them feel miserable considering that they travelled all the way from Manila to Batangas just to have an audience with her.

If her working sched is super tight, Ate Aida Fandialan is always there to entertain them on her behalf.

Pero as much as possible, sana naman bago tayo magpunta roon, humingi muna tayo ng appointment para di nawawalan ng saysay ang ating lakad.

What if Ate Vi’s not there and she’s on her way visiting some projects or constituents, di natimbog kayo?

She is not a super woman. She is a human being who gets tired at times and would want to take a respite from all the demands of her profession.

Kaya humingi muna ng appointment para di napapagod.

‘Yun lang!

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