Mountain out of a molehill

SOME quarters in our society are really trying very hard to make a mountain out of a molehill when they recently called for the resignation of Sec. Ronald Llamas, the political adviser of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III, for buying pirated DVD’s.

I agree there is indiscretion on Llamas’ part especially in the light of the government’s campaign against video piracy but to call for his resignation for a minor infraction is totally ridiculous. It is as if Llamas committed crimes against the state that he ought to be immediately taken out of the government.

It never occurred to these fellows calling for Llamas’ blood that despite his status and access to wealth and power, he remained his ordinary self and that he is still living a lifestyle common to all poor Filipinos – that is to look for bargain stuff.

And that is very rare.

Lest it be forgotten video piracy is the reason why the exorbitant overpricing of original DVD movies and music CD’s came to an end. The competition that these pirated items, which cost an average P30 in public markets, presented to the market compelled the greedy manufacturers of original DVD’s and CD’s to lower their prices to a reasonable level.

The same trend is happening to DVD and CD players and even other appliances, the cost of which, are now affordable for a lot of Filipinos.

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There is a growing worldwide concern about the morality of existing laws on Intellectual Property Rights that governs patent laws. Some international studies have shown that there are instances when implementation of IPR is detrimental to a third world country like the Philippines and the health of its people.

In Africa for example, despite the on-going AIDS epidemic local African governments find it hard to distribute anti-AIDS medicines until 2003 because of existing IPR prohibitions. The IPR laws have also kept the prices of medicines out of the reach of millions, the same thing we are experiencing here in our country.

I have cited these to show an instance when claims on intellectual property rights hamper human welfare and development.

A middle way must be hammered out to protect one’s intellectual property and the right of the people to live life to the fullest without any worry of infringing on the rights of others.

There is old adage which says “we are only stewards of this Earth. There is nothing here that we could own.”

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