Sorry, sorry, stupid!

WHAT this balding President just like me, ha ha, is talking about his damn and selective righteous path when in fact he couldn’t quickly discipline someone who’s within his inner circle who almost has turned a recidivist in his own ways and actions that he becomes an excess baggage for an over-protective P-Noy?

And how lucky is presidential man Ronald Llamas if he’d simply say sorry after having caught buying pirated DVDs.

Just what presidential mouthpiece Edwin Lacierda was saying that public officials are supposed to be role models but apparently P-Noy’s shooting buddy that is Llamas who’s once into a controversy in October last year after his Mitsubishi Montero then being used by two of his security aides yielded a Czech-made CZ-858 Tactical semiautomatic assault rifle, is adamant to learn his lessons well.

After apologizing which was by the way he did it few days after the latest hullabaloo and since P-Noy didn’t have the balls to tame him, he could have done a real break by unburdening the President by resigning from the post with dispatch.

He must have done it because he’s no ordinary person as defended by his long-time friend ex-UP president Francisco Nemenzo who likens Llamas for a poor man who patronizes cheap things like pirated DVDs because “originals are excessively priced.”

At this time the government led by Ronnie Rickett’s Optical Media Board is hell-bent to stop intellectual piracy and yet there’s this Llamas who seems to be still in slumber as he thought all the while he’s an ordinary man. Excessively outrageous.

Golly, he should have behaved as all in the government of P-Noy must be role models.

Resigning is the noblest act he can do for he became a distraction, to borrow Lacierda’s word, to the administration which has now the penchant for ignoring irregularities involving his men if not openly defending them.

It would have been better for Llamas to severe his ties now from P-Noy’s government rather than wait for action from his superior who is expected anyway to rule in the former’s favor.

Llamas is not only a distraction but an embarrassment to P-Noy’s government whose people like Ricketts, in order not to disappoint the President, would have an excuse that the OMB couldn’t  do anything about it when someone—even a Palace official—buys pirated DVDs because the country’s antipiracy law imposes no penalty on the customer.

Just the same, the OMB chief could only say of Llamas that he must realize the consequences of his actions when he bought pirated DVDs at this time the government is striving to be stricken off the international “piracy watch list.”

Nevertheless, Llamas would have thought thrice not twice before venturing into such stupid thing for a government official like him and never think that anyway it’s just easier to say sorry, how shameful.

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