‘Valiente’ Director Joel Lamangan bids for the National Artist Award For Films

HEAD of Kapatid TV5’s Creative & Entertainment Perci Intalan and his creative team has once more put one over others in their choice of their most recent teleserye material when they thought of remaking Gina Marissa Tagasa’s near classic and immortal “Valiente,” the most popular and highest rating teleserye of its time and our time as well.

Yes, we almost grow up with “Valiente” on TV considering that that this has existed in the imagination of Pinoy TV viewers long before the deluge of the sophisticated and fast-paced teleserye clones we now import from Televisa and other manufacturers from the Asian region which sell teleserye franchise relatively at cost for local viewers to feast upon.

What better way to announce the “Valiente” revival with contemporary touches than to showcase it at one of the major locations in a general press launch (think  entertainment writers ferried out yet from Manila on a huge tourist bus)  over delicious buffet dinner at the sprawling five-hectare ranch owned by Gov. Antonio Leviste in Lipa, Batangas.

PR manager Lhot Ortega had a grand time showing us the cuadra which housed the imported and stocky horses upon which the younger set of actors JC de Vera and Oyo Boy Sotto rode on when it was their turn to be introduced to the press. The energy of the press brief was so high and festive as Perci Intalan wished everyone to witness its premier on Feb. 13 at the Kapatid Network .

It also showcased some heartwarming excerpts onstage essayed by veteran actors led by Michael de Mesa, Mark Gil and ex-wife Jaclyn Jose with acclaimed veteran actors supporting them namely Tony Mabesa and the versatile character actor and good friend of ours way back in his PETA days Jim Pebanco down to the younger set of actors  led by female leads Nadine Samonte and Nina Jose with Oyo Boy Sotto and JC De Vera, etc. Toward the finale beautiful and thrilling fireworks cracked the sky of the hacienda to the guests’ delight. Bravo!

I had the chance to interface with Director Joel Lamangan who confessed to being an avid follower of the teleserye. Joel has had directorial stints before with TV5 but qualified that Valiente by far is his biggest and most challenging assignment counting even his past outings in other networks.

Looks like Director Joel Lamangan has come full circle with  his craft  as director not only on TV but also on films as well if you think of his past nationalist works like “Flor Contemplacion” to the most current “Sigwa,” “Patikul,” “Dedline,” and the unreleased “Migrante” which are unanimously getting rave reviews from critics including us. Makes me think he is shy away from the National Artist Award for Films next perhaps to those senior film artists waiting in the wings  like Director Mario O’Hara and Celso Ad Castillo.

Director Lamangan had great fun telling us how he gamely leveled up to the professionalism of the veteran actors of “Valiente”  Michael de Mesa and brother Mark Gil and their respective estranged wives Gina Alajar and Jaclyn Jose who are not exactly on speaking terms with their husbands and yet were able to deliver when they were called upon for their most demanding scenes.

I sidled up to Jaclyn Jose who disclosed among other things that the first person she called up first  about daughter Andi Eigenmann getting pregnant was Mark himself.

Moreover, “Valiente” proudly presents an exceptional rendition of its original theme song as performed by its original singer, Vic Sotto.

In all, after a successful run that spanned five years on two major networks, “Valiente” makes a grand comeback to capture once more the hearts of the Pinoys who grew up watching the series as well as the new generation of televiewers who would surely relate to the classic story with contemporary social relevance.

“Valiente” is credited as the most successful afternoon soap that first aired on Philippine TV twenty years ago. Can you beat that?

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