Decorum for a public servant is a must

IT is unfortunate that Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago acted in a way unbecoming of a ranking government official and a judge-elect of the International Criminal Court when she publicly humiliated the prosecutors of impeached Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona recently.

Although it is an unwritten rule among legal enthusiasts that a judge is “god” in his or her sala, Santiago seems to have forgotten that she is a public servant and that decorum and good conduct is important.

Her being a “god” does not preclude her from observing right conduct in the Impeachment Court.

It is to the credit of the good character of the prosecutors/congressmen, whom Santiago called “gago,” that they remained inside the court room despite the shame heaped on them.

I am now forced to wonder if this is how Santiago would conduct herself once she starts her tenure as a member of the ICC.

Lawyer Mel Sta. Maria, a legal analyst and law professor from Ateneo University, explained beautifully that a “… judge may reprimand, but he or she must do so civilly for, after all, he or she is not king or queen in the courtroom but a public servant.”

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I was delighted to learn that the 2009 American community survey report of the United States Census Bureau shows that Tagalog is the fourth most spoken language at home in the U. S. next only to English, Spanish and Chinese.

According to the report, English only is spoken by 228,699,523 people while there are 35,468,501 Spanish speaking individuals, 2,600,150 Chinese language    users and 1,513,734 folks using Tagalog or Filipino as a spoken language.

The records further showed that there is a marked increase in the usage of Tagalog in U.S. homes from its sixth place ranking in 2000; the number of population speaking our language overtook the French and German speaking households to become one of the de facto dominant non-English languages in the U.S.

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Condolence to the family and friends of Horacio “Boy” Morales who died Wednesday due to cardiac arrest.

A nationalist and leader in his own right, Morales inspired a lot of young men
in my generation to serve the people.

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