‘Di raw ma-take ni Zoren si BB Gandang Hari!

ANOTHER issue that we gathered from the set of Paparazzi Expose, is it true that when Mariel was talking to BB Gandanghari some weeks back, parang gusto raw mag-walk out ni Zoren Legaspi na parang hindi niya ma-take na makita face to face ang dating asawa ng kanyang asawa ngayon?

If it’s confirmed, then everything Zoren told the movie press before was nothing but press release statements that didn’t materialize dahil ipinagmalaki pa niya nu’n na kayang-kaya niyang humarap at ma-interview si BB who is now every inch a lady.


SABI nga, circumstances are beyond human control but our conduct is in our own power.

No one can argue with the success this TV host is now reaping dahil bukod sa kanyang popularity, he is also exceedingly moneyed to the point of acquiring expensive cars and yacht in a flick of his fingers where almost everything seen into this world is just under his nose.

He is really destined to become rich and affluent, kahit harangan man siya ng sibat pero hindi pa rin talaga maiaalis ang character ng isang tao, mag-iba man ang stature mo sa buhay.

Marami na ang nagsasabing mayabang talaga ang TV host na ito, even way back during his struggling days where  food to eat used to be his main problem. Nasa character na talaga niya ang pagiging mayabang na dala-dala pa rin niya hanggang ngayon.

Remember, there were issues before when his driver complained for he allegedly poked a gun right in front of his face. Hindi lang ‘yon, dahil marami pang kuwento ang lumabas noon tungkol sa kanyang pagiging hambog but what is the point we are driving at?

A couple of male servers from his own resto told us na lagi silang sinisigawan at sinisipa ng TV host na ito lalo na kapag nakainom. And not only that, they got the beatings but they are also receiving verbal abuse right from the very mouth of this popular TV host for no reasons at all.

Sabi namin, then why don’t you tell these stories to the authorities and charge this boaster to teach him a lesson?

“Naku, wala po kaming lakas ng loob dahil pagkatapos niya po kaming sipain at murahin, e, binibigyan niya po kami ng pera para hindi na po kami magsumbong,” he emphatically told us.

‘Yon naman pala, e. Then why not give this TV host the authority to beat these waiters black and blue para maging instant milyonaryo agad sila sa binibigay ng TV host where every punch released is equivalent to one thousand pesos ‘yata. Hahaha!

But kidding aside, sana naman, magbago na ang TV host na ito at ‘wag ng maging mayabang dahil naging mabait naman sa kanya ang nasa Itaas and if he feels like doling out cash for his servers, e, bigyan na lang niya sana ito ng pera nang wala ng kapalit na mura at sipa para mas lalo pa siyang pagpalain ni Lord, ‘di ba?

Ang hirap kasi sa TV host na ito, nawili na siyang magmura nang magmura ng big time sa kanyang mga tauhan kaya hanggang ngayon, dala pa rin niya…getz?


WE GOT a chance to see Mariel Rodriguez and Ruffa Guttierez in Paparazzi Expose like a face off when they were arguing and hashing out issues regarding the internet trolls on social media where every celebrity is now becoming a victim but our interest didn’t focus on the issue but on the visual appearance of the two ladies sit- ting side by side.

Firstly, aside from being stunner, e, pareho din silang naging girlfriends ni Robin Padilla, one is an ex and the other is his current.

On the visual aspect kasi, ibang-iba talaga si Mariel if compared to Ruffa because if we are going to talk ab- out raw beauty ay panalong-panalo si Mariel and a couple of movie scribes apparently agreed with our observation.

Fresh, smooth and silky at parang walang kaproble-problema ang dating ni Mariel unlike Ruffa, na equally pretty rin naman but honestly, he suffered in comparison with Robin’s current flame and that should explain perhaps why Robin seems to be loyal and faithful to Mariel dahil medyo ‘kaiba nga ang dating ng kanyang asawa.


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