Doing away with the personality cult

A NUMBER of readers commented on our column today defending President Benigno Simeon Aquino III from his critics noting that Noynoying, the newest form of student protest to hit the streets, has no basis and was in fact a disguised call for the return of the old ways.

According to them, the President is trying to do away with the kind of leadership based on personality cult hence his seeming failure to be seen on top of things. They said the President, instead of micromanaging things as what these activists want, is effectively delegating the required tasks to his underlings.

After all, who could better understand the needs on the ground other than the concerned line officer? They noted, for example, that in the event of calamities it is the affected local government officials who are more suited to direct relief, search and rescue operations not the President.

“What can the President do in this instance other than have his picture taken? Is that the kind of leader we want?” the readers asked.

Taken in this context, Noynoying, a creative protest act that basically involves sitting around staring into space, much like Mr. Aquino supposedly does instead of running the country; is a call by militant students for the return of the photo ops President.

The president’s task is to oversee the overall direction of the government not to micromanage it, they stressed. Another point they raised is that the President should be allowed to have a personal life and that his love interest is his own. “Tao lang siya.”

* * *

The head of the police task force investigating the near fatal shooting of reporter Fernan Angeles by a suspected drug dealer claimed there were inconsistencies in the allegations made by the newsman.

Senior Supt. Danilo Maligalig, in particular, said contrary to Angeles’ claims there was no record of an arrest operation by the Pasig City police against the suspect identified as Faisal Sancopan.

This is precisely why I am asking the Justice Department to conduct an independent investigation of the incident.

The absence of the records in this instance cannot be taken as proof of inconsistency on Angeles’ part especially when he has a claim against Pasig City police personnel. It is an open secret among police reporters that records can be altered or be made to disappear by some unscrupulous police personnel.

Angeles earlier insinuated that some members of the Pasig police were involved in the drug trade and were bribed by the leader of the gunmen who ambushed him.


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