FEU players shine in age group tilt

Category Winners

BU-20 – Lennon Hart Salgados (5 points)
GU-20 –Woman National Master Janelle Mae Frayna (6 points)
BU-16 – Austin Jacob Literatus (5.5 points)
GU-16 – Alyssa Ysaiah Jamaca (4.5 points)
BU-14 – Daryl Unix Samantila (6 points)
GU-14 – Ella Grace Moulic (4.5 points)
BU-12 – Romeo Canino (5.5 points)
GU-12 – Natori Biazza Diaz (5.5 points)
BU-10 – Ronald Canino (5 points)
GU-10 – Me Ann Joy Baclayon (6 points)
BU-8 – Billy Samuel Ventanilla (3 points)
GU-8 – Methusellah Ramos (5 points)

FAR EASTERN U produced more winners in national age group competition to enhance its reputation as a breeding ground of future chess masters.

Lennon Hart Salgados of FEU-Manila and Woman National Master Janelle Mae Frayna of FEU-FERN in Quezon City topped the premiere categories of the 2012 Gov. Oscar S. Moreno National Age Group Chess Championships at the Misamis Oriental Capitol Grounds in Cagayan de Oro City.

“The success of FEU players in chess competitions only shows that a solid program can take you to the top,” said National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP) Chairman/President Prospero “Butch” Pichay, Jr. “That’s what we’re trying to establish, a solid program that aims to develop our young players.”

FEU has dominated chess competitions in the collegiate ranks the past few years under the watchful eyes of Grandmaster Jayson Gonzales and National Master Alex Milagrosa.

Salgados, son of a media practitioner from Cagayan de Oro City, defeated Jayben Ian Dalipe in the fifth round then split the point with Bhell Ortiz in the sixth and final round to finish with 5.0 points and rule the Boys Under-20.

Frayna, who hails from Legaspi City, beat Carol Anne Chua and Pamela Marie Chin in the last two rounds to complete a clean six-round sweep of the Girls Under-20.

Their winning effort earned them tickets to the 2012 ASEAN+ Age Group Chess Championships in Hue, Vietnam on June 10-20.

Also winning their respective categories and booking a seat in the Vietnam tourney were Austin Jacob Literatus (BU-16), Daryl Unix Samantila  (BU-14), Romeo Canino BU-12), Ronald Canino (BU-10) and Billy Samuel Ventanilla (BU-8), Alyssa Ysaiah Jamaca (GU-16), Ella Grace Moulic  (GU-14), Natori Biazza Diaz  (GU-12), Me Ann Joy Baclayon (GU-10) and Methusellah Ramos (GU-8). Noli Cruz

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