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THE government is harping on a recent report of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation claiming that the country’s economic policy is sound and that we are on our way to prosperity even setting 2050 as the year of its eventuality.

I was dumbstruck as we surely all know that the so-called “Philippine economy” is unstable it being almost entirely dependent on the remittances of overseas Filipino workers and the export of our fast dwindling natural resources. How can we even claim that we have a real economy when we cannot produce the basic materials needed by our people and that we even import toothpicks and matches from neighboring Asian countries?

Perhaps the government is banking on the now growing practice of multi-national companies to cut production cost by outsourcing their business to countries with so many unemployed English speaking college degree holders like ours.

There is nothing objectionable in having these speculator firms here or sending workers abroad or even exporting our natural resources as long as these are temporary measures to provide immediate employment to our people.

When the program to send workers abroad was begun by the Marcos dictatorship in the 1970’s, it was understood that it was only a stop gap measure but decades later we are unfortunately still doing it. Note that majority of our OFWs are in highly unstable regions like Africa and the Middle East and are always in peril of being sent home to join the ranks of our unemployed. Even those employed in wealthy countries, because of the global recession, are also in danger of being repatriated.

The government, because of its subservience to foreign and the vested interest of the powerful few, could not find the political will to end the immoral policy of labor exportation (which is akin to slave trafficking of the past) and chart that course towards a more dependable economic policy.

The end goal of the government should be to setup a truly industrial economy to propel us to tangible prosperity like what all prosperous nations did. We cannot be prosperous as the HSBC report claims if we remain a nation of consumers. Only the banks will prosper in our current economic trajectory.

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Condolence to the family and friends of Isagani “Gani” Yambot, the ever cheerful and tireless publisher of the Philippine Daily Inquirer who died Friday. I worked with Gani for a long time at the PDI and the one thing that I really noticed about him was his positive attitude towards everyone. Wala siyang masamang tinapay kahit kanino.

Gani will be missed.

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