Mas maalaga ang mga lalaki sa kanilang katawan compared sa mga babae

BAKIT nga ba karamihan sa mga babae sa Pinas ay hindi masyadong maalaga sa kanilang mga pangangatawan? Save for the Queenstar for all seasons Ms. Vilma Santos who is diet-conscious and never fails to do some exercise (at least 20 minutes when she’s heavily fatigued with her numerous enervatitng commitments like her two-day per week shoot for Star Cinemas The Healing where she co-stars with Kim Chiu for the first time, and competent actress Janice de Belen and Pokwang provide a sterling support, majority of the women in local show business are a lot older-looking than their male counterparts.

Again, Ate Vi’s an exception since the 11-year age gap between her and husband Senator Ralph Recto is barely noticeable these days with the highly commendable way that she has taken good care of herself.


In stark contrast, tingnan n’yo naman ang famous bombshell of the late 70s and early 80s na ‘to na certified old maid na sa ngayon pero ang karamihan sa mga leading men niya during the time when her showbiz career was peaking are still good to look at and refreshing to touch.

Refreshing to touch daw, o! Hahahahahahaha!

Masi-shock ka nga once na ma-sight mo ang naging dyowa niyang fashion and ramp model turned bold actor during the mid-80s. Parang hindi ito masyadong nagbago pero ang mahusay na sexy actress ay lolang-lola ang arrive at hindi na uubrang rumampa na may mga lalakeng magkakainteres pa sa kanya. Hahahahahahahahaha!

How gross!

Ang lalalim na kasi ng mga wrinkle at di na kagandahan ang kutis (ang dami-raming crater-like manifestations sa kanyang fezlak…Hahahahahaha!) at katawan considering that she used to be one of the country’s hottest bombshells.


Ayaw ni Ate Vi nang ganyan! Hahahahahahaha!

Speaking of kagurangan, perfect example pa rin ang sikat na artistang ito ng kanyang panahon na lomodic na ang arrive when compared to her estranged husband who is still physically fit and adorable. Hahahahahahaha!

As a matter of fact, when their group had a reunion lately, his qoundam wife ostensibly still has this feel for him but her estranged husband appears not to be that interested anymore but tried to be cool and nice nonetheless.


How so pathetic! Hahahahahahaha!

Kahit naman kasi ano pa ang ganda mo kung baboyistic ka na, no one would be interested to have you as a his mate any longer. Hakhakhak!

Ganito rin, more or less, ang predicament ng aging actress na ‘to na eskalera ang popularidad sa kanyang panahon. Hahahahahaha!

Maganda pa rin naman siya when made-up to perfection. Otherwise, the deep lines on her forehead are grossly obvious. Hahahahahahaha!

Nevertheless, her acting competence has never diminished but there is no denying the fact that she is already way past her prime.

Her husband would have been a different story if he were still alive.

Very particular kasi ito sa kanyang katawan at never nagpabayang mag-jogging regularly kaya maintained nito ang ganda ng kanyang katawan.

Suffice to say, her unfading beauty (that’s the envy of so many) must have been one of the prime reasons why the Queenstar is still very much in season.

Very much in season daw, o! Hahahahahahahaha!

If you really take care of yourself, the benefits will be reaped when you are already in your mid-40s down.

‘Yun lang!

Did I hit the nail right on its head Ate Vi? Hahahahahahahahahaha!

‘Yun na!


Sa GMA lang dapat si Jennylyn!

MAY mga ongoing tsikang nagsi-circulate lately na kinukumbinse raw ni Luis Manzano si Jennykyn Mercado na lumipat na sa ABS-CBN. Of course the veracity of this story is yet to confirmed from both parties but if I were Jennylyn, I would never have the chutzpa or temerity to move to ABS-CBN.

Kung si Iza Calzado ay nahiyang sa kanyang paglipat sa Dos, I doubt it if Jennylyn is going to have the same fate.

Period. Walang comma!


Super react ang mga fansitas ni Marianita Lukresya!

HAHAHAHAHA! Palibhasa’y I’m not into this internet thing kaya I’m not in any way affected with the horrible things that Mariantia L. and her supposed legions (legions raw, o! Hahahahahahahaha! Really? I don’t get to feel it) of followers kuno have been hideously doing to me.

Why should I care anyway?

For one, these dolts are beyond me. Ano ba naman ang mapapala mo sa mga one-track-minded at idiotang tao?

Parang si Vavalina (Joey ‘Supot’ de Castro ‘yan e! Hahahahahahahaha!) ‘yan.

This ingrate nincompoop stayed in our abode for almost two decades.

Nong and I fed him. Made him a member of the family the best way we could.

Provided for his needs, I even would cook for him while he sat comfortably at the sala munching away at the fruits that I myself bought.

Pero ambisyoso nga ang uncircumcized pig na ‘to. When I got sick, he was malevolently wishing for me to die so he could usurp my radio hosting job at DWIZ (882 khz in your radio dial, Monday thru Friday from 2 to 3 in the afternoon), along with the columns that I maintained for Business Mirror (with Peter Ledesma) and other tabloids as well.

Sa ngayon, nagpi-pretend siyang Dongyan fanatic raw siya (Hahahahahahahahaha! why don’t you make use of a concentrated mouthwash, pig, so your halitosis would be minimized if not totally eradicated? Hahahahahaha!)

Whatever, para naman doon sa mga luka-lulang Dongyan fanatics talaga, panoorin n’yo kasi ang My Gilagid para mag-improve naman ang super-sadsad na ratings nito? Hakhakhakhak!

Hayan at bibigyan daw ng weekly dramedy ang lola n’yo dahil hopeless na nga ang My Gilagid. Hahahahahaha!

Ang kaso, would it rate? Hahahahahahahaha!

I’m positive it won’t! Hahahahahahahaha!

Ang karma..bow!

Baguhin kasi ang bornok na pag-uugali’t ilusyon, ano? Tigilan ang pag-iilusyon lalo’t di ka na kabataan and try to be nice to your fans who are going out of their way to support you and the movies that you get to do.

‘Yun lang!


Paula Bianca exciting & oozing with promise!

WE HAVE a new recording artist in our midst that’s oozing with promise.

She happens to be a graduate of St. Scholastica and with high honors (magna cum laude) at that and her name is both intriguing and mesmerizing – Paula Bianca.

The young lady has a new album under Vicor Records and she hopes to captivate her audiences with her forceful rendition of the Vehnee Saturno song “Napakasakit Naman.”

Her album launch was held at the cozy and highly intimate Papa Dann’s Grille that’s situated along Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City and the working press present were captivated with her awesome vocal skills that’s both impressive and riveting.

Asked who her early influence were in the field of music, she says Bon Jovi is one of them.

“Napi-feel ko lang,” she avers, “iba ang dating ng mga ganong music.”

“Given the chance. I’d like to be known as a female rock star. Nandun talaga ang puso ko,” she asseverates.

When she purportedly auditioned for Boss Vic del Rosario, she sang Lani Misalucha’s Bukas na Lang Kita Mamahalin, one of her early faves if only because of its haunting lyrics and forceful vocal demands.

Paula’s dad Papa Danilo, happens to be working for Casino Filipino, Manila Pavillion branch. He’s also into singing but not professionally.

Sa album launch ng kanyang anak, he even sang a song or two and came out more than competent.

Si Mother Alfie Lorenzo nga pala ang manager ni Ms. Paula and with him around, we’re positive she’s veritably in good hands.

Si Mother Alfie pa? Hahahahaha!


Sinayang ang que sabrosong nota dahil lengua pala (hahahahaha!)

HABANG nagtatagal, lalong nagiging obvious ang pagka-lengua ng gandara sana at flawless na pop-rock singer/actress na ‘to. Nakapagtataka talagang sa ganda n’yang ‘yun at pagka-flawless (the natural way huh? unlike sa iba riyan na pawang synthetic at produkto ng siyensya..Hahahahahaha! ang glutathione magic..bow!), she remains unattached and single and ready to mingle.

Ready to mingle raw, o! Hahahahahaha!

Looking back, she got involved romantically with a young man who was enamored with her too but for some reasons, their love affair was shortlived and uneventful.

Ano raw ba ang kulang sa ombaw? Nice naman ito, educated and comes from a good family, sexy in a macho sort of way, and rumored to be well-endowed.


Sooo taba and oh, sooo haba nga raw mga repaps.

Repaps raw talaga, o! Hahahahahahahaha!

‘Yun nga lang, iba ang tripping sa ngayon ng chick na ‘to na idol yata ni Charice Pempengco.

Idol daw ni Charice Pempengco, o! Hahahahahahaha!

Kaya nagtataka pa ba kayo kung bakit loveless kuno sa ngayon ang girlalung ito? Hahahahahaha!

Notes have no appeal to her at the moment and she wants to perform cunnilingus on young and fresh keps.

Young and fresh keps raw, o! Hahahahahahahahaha!

Ayaw ni Bubonika, da chakang AC/DC gurangga, nang ganyan! Hahahahahahaha!


Van Victor Leano hunky ang intelligent

HE WAS the 2009 winner for the Century Tuna Superbods & Brains. Being such a looker, he was offered to do some movies, the indie ones in particular, but Van Victor Leano had graciously begged off for he’s a businessman by profession and joing the contest was nothing but a lark.

He is all of 27 years of age and still very much a bachelor.


Send in those sizzling stories that you know about our fave showbiz personalities at and #09994269588, #09276557791 and #09223870129 and read them here.

And with that, ito po ang kuya Pete ninyo na nagsasabing, Christopher, my son, I love you very, very much, my love for you goes beyond eternity.

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