Nag-hello ang brown nipple ni Lovi!

THIS item might be superficial to some but certainly, this piece of factual eye witness account is extremely and importantly vital to the battalion of sex maniacs around. Hahaha!

At the Star Awards for Movies at the Meralco Theater, everybody was stunned when the exotic Lovi Poe arrived donned in an elegant backless gown, her tits covered with thin chiffon material, obviously without an undergarment, hence, cameras were flashing waiting for her knocker to peep.

Kami man, who was seated two rows away from her was staring and waiting for her booby to say “hello” to the world but by the struck of misfortune, Eula Caballero with her date passed by in front of us and even stayed for a while for a short interview and this lucky fellow, a fan, just behind Lovi’s seat, had been able to have a glimpse of Lovi’s nipple.

This wide eyed fan told us that he was very sure that it was a brown nipple.

We sighed. Brown nipple as it might be, ‘kainggit pa rin siya!

Sabi na nga ba, maghe-hello ang boobs ni Lovi, sooner or later, e!


CERTAINLY, there are overt downsides of the fast-paced growth of social media especially when it is being used by a celebrity.

Sharon Cuneta is a newbie in the Tweeter world and not a single unsupportive comment was unread and was left unanswered by the Megastar kahit na umabot na sa 150,000 ang kanyang mga Tweeters followers.

Unfavorable remarks and observations are swinging left and right in the Tweeter account of Ate Shawie from her obvious body cellulite down to the stimulating pictures of her daughter KC Concepcion on sexy magazines pero lahat nang ‘yon, talagang pinapatulan ng Megastar. Gone were the days na laging naka-smile si Shawie sa mga tagahanga and non-supporters alike dahil mukhang palaban na siya ngayon if we are going to base it from her tweets.

Anyway, we believe that every celebrity, widely liked by the public or not, can be compared to a commodity na binebenta sa mga tao kaya kailangan nilang maging maganda sa paningin, glamorosa at laging nakangiti dahil once more, it is their personality as entertainment celebrity which is being peddled to the public.

E, kaya nga ginusto si Shawie ng mga tao primarily dahil sa kanyang charismatic appeal kaya hindi maganda na pinapatulan pa ng Megastar ang mga follower niya na hindi maganda ang sinasabi.

On the other hand, hindi rin naman natin masisisi si Mega dahil she is after all, human with emotions, kaya nasasaktan din siya sa mga birada ng kanya ng mga hater.

Again, this is the prize famous celebrities like Sharon has to pay lalo na’t madali silang maabot ngayon through social media.


FORMER actress and international model, now a businesswoman and a political wannabe, Ina Alegre is literally going places with her new TV show focusing on gustatory needs, food.

Her new TV show, Thumb’s Up, which is being aired every Saturday at 9AM at Studio 23, is traveling all over the Philippines to feature exotic restos with extra ordinary kind of food.

Ina, along with her co host, Carl Balita, are personally tasting and interviewing the restaurant owners and its head chef, squeezing every secret formula from them on how these delicacies are prepared and done.

One day, she is in Laguna and before you know it, she is already in Abra to complete a segment on their show, what a super woman.

We will not be surprised if one day, being an entrepreneur herself, she will open her own resto and use every formula she was able to gather to her own business interest, voila!

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