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THE Eastern Police District Office should thoroughly investigate the shooting of reporter Fernan Angeles following the disclosure that a number of Pasig City policemen are in cahoots with drug dealers operating in the city.

Angeles was shot in Pasig City by a certain Faisal, a known drug dealer who reportedly is under the protection of members of the Pasig City police force. He is still in critical condition.

Ironically, it is more likely that Angeles would be jailed first before his attacker.

Police said there is a pending arrest warrant against Angeles due to an existing drug related case but other than eagerly waiting for him to recuperate so they could lay their hands on him, the Pasig City law enforcers seems to be taking their time in finding Faisal.

Angeles, who is now covering Malacañang Palace for a broadsheet newspaper, has written several articles in the past critical of the Pasig City police for their failure to curb the rampant drug dealing in the city.

The proliferation of illegal drugs in Pasig City is an open secret leaving us to wonder why the police have not done anything to stop it.


The  Palace  was right to send the opposition lawmakers’ pork barrel directly to their constituents to ensure that the people’s needs are provided.

Although the good deed in this instance was only incidental as the real motive for sending the pork barrel straight to the people is to punish opposition lawmakers who do not toe the official line of the Aquino administration, it is a fine deed nevertheless.

Everybody knew that the multi-million peso pork barrel of every lawmaker is extensively used to perpetuate the politics of patronage, a kind of feudal setup that is preventing the modernization and maturity of our political institutions.

I have been consistently advocating for the abolishment of the pork barrel practice since the primary business of lawmakers is to craft laws and not be an executive official.

It would have been much better had Malacañang sent the pork barrel to the respective constituents of all lawmakers in the House and Senate and not only those who does not toe the line.


Many are of the opinion that impeached Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona was able to explain all of the properties questioned by the prosecution. Of course he could, he is still a law-yer after all.

Thanks to the bungling prosecution team, Corona was apparently slipping through the cracks of their faulty impeachment complaint.


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