Pakialamerong pari

REVEREND Father Robert Reyes, the Running Priest, is back, yet not really to his old form.

He extricates himself from the island of Catanduanes – where he was “thrown” by his superiors to almost solitary confinement – to answer the call of PhilPost employees who are crying out for justice.

“Ako po ang paring pakialamero,” admits Fr. Reyes to the congregation in a mass which he officiated last Thursday, March 22, at the lobby of the Central Post Office Building.

“Salamat sa cellphone, ako po ay hindi makatakas sa mga problemang nangyayari.

Ako po ay nananatili sa malayong lugar ng Catanduanes at doon ko po narinig ang problema ng Philpost.”

The mass was attended not only by PhilPost employees but also by the mailing public and several leaders of cause-oriented groups led by the tandem of PhilPost Rank-and-File Employees Association, Inc. (PRAFEA) and the PhilPost Workers Union (PWU) who have been continuously exposing and opposing the Abuses, Crimes and Excesses (ACES) of Postmaster General Josie dela Cruz.

The leaders were wearing black t-shirts each with a letter at the back forming the word “RESIGN.”

During the mass, Father Reyes said that he might have disappointed some people for deciding not to take any sides as he has listened to both sides of the issue including that of the Postmaster General herself. “There is a problem, but I need more time to study the depth and breadth of (it).”

After the mass, Father Robert enjoined the labor leaders to meet with PMG dela Cruz at the latter’s office in the hope of threshing out their problems.

However, the labor leaders refused, standing pat in their decision calling for her resignation.

Time, perhaps, must have mellowed down the Running Priest, as he decides to scrutinize things first before running another race.

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