Sacrificing her chances

MORE people are surely amazed by the way Justice Secretary Leila de Lima treats the controversy that hounds ex-National Bureau of Investigation chief Magtanggol Gatdula, a member of the influential Iglesia ni Cristo.

She really has the balls to face anyone and utter words which she feels are deemed right for the right place and the right time. A smart woman, the DOJ chief must be certainly aware about the consequences of her actions as she’s already sacrificing her chances to get to the Magic 12 of senatorial wannabes in next year’s polls.

Having quoted as saying that Gatdula is “maybe losing his mind” when the erstwhile NBI head filed a writ of amparo before a regional trial court in his bid to protect him from her and his former colleagues, Sec. De Lima is really on the hot seat these days.

Ask the INC members and definitely they have answers but they’ll reserve it, again at the right time and place and that’s on the next elections.

They can get even at her for their love of the embattled Gatdula but that’s if De Lima would be prodded to join the senatorial derby.

The man is already down and you will call him crazy, to me that is too much.

Let’s wait and see.

Setting a Good Example

To show he means business, Navotas Mayor John Reynald Tiangco doesn’t mind getting dirty when he himself cleans the streets as he is joined by city hall officials, employees and volunteers in a back-to-back city-wide program promoting clean and dengue-free environment.

Dubbed: Navotas Ko Love Ko, Lingap sa Kapaligiran Program and Juan at Liga ng mga Barangay versus Dengue, the clean-up drive was focused at the coastal area of Barangay San Jose which has always been affected by storms, the latest of which was in September last year when typhoon Pedring  destroyed hundreds of houses and left piles of debris.

“To intensify and double our effort to protect the health of our constituents, we have recently joined forces with the officials of our 14 barangays to conduct regulated pesticide spraying during our clean-up activities,” Tiangco says.

The mayor is extra-confident the rest of the residents under-stand that they too are responsible for their city and will do their share to keep their environment clean.

I just don’t understand why most of us continue to be hard-headed when in fact we should be more responsible in disposing our garbage.

Let us start by caring and raising our consciousness of the effects of irresponsible garbage disposal.

We must realize that the simple gesture of throwing bags of garbage outside our yard may result to a string of bad effects to the environment and our health.

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