Shocking! True naman kaya?: ‘Pinagsamantalahan’ daw ng sexy actress ang dakotang aktor

SHOW business is indeed a crazy world.

In here, the most unbelievable stories become stark realities.

Perfect example ang bali-balitang kumakalat lately tungkol sa sexual indiscretions raw ng isang popular sexy actress sa kanyang leading man na pwede na niyang maging tito.

Pwede na raw maging tito, o! Hahahahahahahaha!

Ang siyete, magmula raw nang ma-sight ng young actress ang kagwapuhan ng aktor (he looks young in spite of his biological age…Hahahahahaha!), nakalimutan daw nitong pansamantala ang kanyang freshness na boyfriend.

Ang siyete, medyo nagkainuman daw sa set and before you knew it, everybody was practically drunk.

Dahil naiintriga raw sa aktor ang supposedly ay ‘adventurous’ na girlalu, panay raw ang pa-demure nito habang nagkakasayahan ang buong tropa ng kanilang bagong teevee soap.

Dahil may tama nga raw ang young sexy actress sa seeming reticent machismo ng kanyang leading man, ineklay-eklay raw nito ang tipsy ng aktor. Hahahahahahaha!

Knowing pretty well how gifted at the notes department ang mature actor, speechless raw talaga ang byuting young sexy actress habang tinitingnan nito ang bulge sa crotch ng kanyang leading man that’s supposedly bigger than her boyfriend’s. Hahahahaha!

After the usual kissing, pinatungan daw talaga ng adventurous girlalu ang gwaping na papa (?).

Kahit hindi na raw ito virgin, ramdam na ramdam pa rin niya ang bulk ng hugeness ng notes ng aktor. Hahahahahahahaha!

To make a long story short, natupad ang ambisyon ng young actress. Ang kaso, nang mahimasmasan na raw ang dakotang aktor, naimbudo raw ito dahil ang feeling nito’y naisahan siya ng adventurous na girlalu. Hahahahahahaha!

Ang siyete, right after that drunken night of ecstacy and sexual passion, hindi na raw kinausap ng mature ng aktor ang gandarang sexy actress dahil ang feeling niya’y he was raped beyond words.

Raped beyond words raw, o! Hahahahahahahaha!

Ano kaya ‘yun? Hahahahahahaha!


Paula Bianca mesmerizing!

KAKAIBA ang dating ng bagong alaga ni Mama Alfie Lorenzo na si Paula Bianca.

The more you listen to her songs, the more you get to like her.

In some of her songs, particularly “Napapaluha” and “Napakasakit Naman,” I suddenly remember the rock diva of the late 90s (1999 to be exact) na si Mystica.

Somehow, may similarities sila in phrasing some of the songs and vocal quality as well.

And for you to be compared with a seasoned performer like Mystica who once was the rave in Los Angeles is compliment beyond words.

Sa kanyang live performance naman sa Papa Dann’s videoke (that’s situated along Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City), speechless rin kami habang binabanatan niya ang Lani Misalucha number na “Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin.”

Considering that she’s relatively new in the field of entertainment, she already has a style solely her very own and a voice so powerfully mesmerizing, she takes your breath away!

She might be aping the terrific vocals of Lani Misalucha by way of the vocally-demanding song Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin, but her innate artistry shines through.

Totoo ka, she is one performer who’s almost close to perfection.

There’s nothing novice-like in the way she sings for she has total command and control of her voice that never breaks even when she’s reaching high notes.

Do avail of a copy of her self-titled debut album under Vicor Records for you to know that we’re not in any way exaggerating.

Kunsabagay, may pagmamanahan naman dahil singer din ang kanyang amang si Papa Dhan.

And with Mother Alfie backing her up and Boss Vic to give her the support that she needs, we won’t be in the least bit surprised if she’s going to be a big-named entertainer in no time at all.



Secret of Ate Vi’s fitness and stress-free living

FOR women more than forty, Queenstar for all seasons Ms. Vilma Santos advocates exercise as the key to one’s  flexibility and good health.

Commuting from Alabang to Batangas on a day to day basis can be very fatiguing, specially so when she visits her constituents, too, with such regularity.

Brisk walking, Governor Vi says is very good for the flexibility of her bones specially so now that she’s already 35 (her euphemism for the biological age that she’s presently into..Hahahahahahaha!).

Anyway, in spite of her enervating working sched, she never goes to sleep without doing a 20-minuteer exercise in the privacy of her room.

“Twenty minutes akong nagpapapawis,” she avers. “I stick to that regimen no matter how busy I am.”

Still on her job as Batangas governor, she says that discrimination is one thing that she shuns away from.

Kahit daw di niya kapartido (Liberal party ang kanyang kinaaaniban), she makes it a point to attend to the needs of their constituents as well.

“One thing I can be proud,” she states with pride and dignity, “I entertain everyone to the best of my ability. “Pantay-pantay silang lahat para sa akin.

“Pag may problemang kailangang solusyunan,” she asseverates, “I would always be there for them. Kapalit naman nito, naririyan naman sila when I need them.”

Sa dinami-rami ng mga mayor sa Batangas, dalawa lang daw ang kanyang kapartido but she makes it a point to give them equal treatments.

Ikaw na ang maging Vilma Santos. Fair and square ang dealings with everybody.

Dapat lang!


Churvahan to-the-max (Hakhakhak!)

I’M NOT going to say that this second succulent story is really true but basing from the kind of character that the protagonists of this story have, I’m inclined to believe that it has a tinge of truth. Hahahahaha!

Ano ba ‘yan? Parami nang parami ang katropa nina Papa Puti ng DWIZ (882 khz in your radio dial, 2 to 3 pm ang radio show namin doon nina Peter L. at Abe P. Do listen, I’m more than positive that you’re going to enjoy it) at Abe P.


Kunsabagay, with the innumerable problems that we are faced with, it pays to lay our hair down once in a while and savor that forbidden kind of excitement that only men of our stripe can give. Hahahahahaha!

Whatever, ang bida sa ating blind item for the day ay dalawang young actors na que sabroso ang mga itsu.

Que sabroso raw talaga, o! Hakhakhak!

Si young actor number one ay walang dudang papang talaga at dakota.

Dakota raw, o! Hahahahahahahaha!

Ayaw ni Billy Crawford nang tinatalbugan ang nota niyang dakila.

Notang dakila raw, o! Hahahahahahahaha!

Anyhow, to make a long story short, naging endorsers silang pareho ng isang clothing line (don’t text me mga pare because I won’t answer anyway…Hahahahahahahaha!) at isang araw, nagkayayaang mag-inuman.

The taller of the two is purportedly the one who was most excited about their kind of bonding that evening for reasons you guys must have already known.

Must have already known daw, o! Hahahahahahaha!

Dahil hindi na rin naman virgin sa mga man-to-man churvahan, (Hahahahahahaha!) go rin ang not-so-tall paparu after the two of them had consumed several bottles of beer.

Ang siyete, close fight daw talaga ang mga espadahan ng nota dahil dakota rin (presumably so..Hahahahaha!) ang taller papa na may bahid, as the rumor mill suggests. Hahahahahahahaha!

End of story.

Bitin ba? Well, kaplugin n’yo na lang ang katropa n’yo para mas enjoy pa.


‘Yun na!


Carlo Atienza succulent & fresh!

HE DOESN’T have any inhibitions and is more than willing to flaunt his endowments in some indie movies that are the current vogue these days.

Yes, Virginia! Carlo Atienza is all male and is amenable to have friends from all sexes. Hahahahahaha!

Nati-tillate raw mga clitoris n’yo, o! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

He’s all of 22 years of age and 7 inches (7 inches raw, o! Hakhakhak!) and is currently being handled by Aldwin Chiongbian under Reco Models.


Vina’s all excitement

THERE’S a brand new excitement in Vina Morales’ career at the moment.

She’s going to be a part of the rock musical by Atlantis Productions titled Rock of Ages that will headline foreign artist Mig Ayesa in the lead role.

“I really went out of my way to audition for the role I wanted to portray and was so excited when I passed it with flying colors!” she says beaming.

She really is hooked with the fabulous music of the 80s. “It has staying power,”she says in earnest. “It grabs you with such intensity that no other kind of music can.

“Di ba’t napakikinggan pa rin natin ang songs nina Bon Jovi, Michael Bolton, among other talents of the 80s who are still active and in vogue up to now?”

Oo nga naman.

Anyway, Vina’s one dedicated artist.

Wayback mid of last year when she did Nasaan ka, Elisa?, she was plump and too heavy for the cameras to appreciate.

But she went on a diet and look at her now! So svelte and sexy just like the way she was before pregnancy had sidelined her for a while.

Anyhow, their rock musical is going to get staged from June 15 to July 8, 2012 at the Carlos P. Romulo theater RCBC Plaza, Makati City.


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And with that, ito po ang kuya Pete ninyo na nagsasabing, Christopher, my son, I love you very, very much, my love for you goes beyond eternity.

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