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IMPEACHED Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona was prohibited by the Supreme Court dominated by his fellow Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo appointees to testify before the Impeachment Court citing separation of power and respect for co-equal branch of government.

The decision of the high tribunal prevents Corona from personally answering the allegations made against him before the Impeachment Court, a situation eagerly sought by his lawyers.

The  SC  prohibition, however,  did not  stop Corona from starting a politician-like media blitz which he began by visiting “friendly media entities” to hit back at his critics.

This situation is very convenient for Corona because while he answers his critics, his answers cannot be challenged by the prosecution for their truthfulness since they are made out of the Impeachment Court, a very devious move for a sitting Chief Justice.

Corona has started lambasting President Benigno Simeon Aquino III and even bragged that he rebuffed the president’s bid to create a truth commission.

He also claimed that it was the court’s decision to parcel out Hacienda Luisita, which is owned by the President’s family that led to his impeachment, completely ignoring the fact that Aquino opposed his appointment as CJ from the be-ginning.

Corona also started discrediting Ana Basa, a cousin of his wife and a rival for the control of the family owned Basa-Guidote Enterprises Inc. (BGEI), by calling her a liar following an interview where she detailed how the Coronas allegedly oppressed her and her family.

Basa said she gave the interview after learning that Corona is using the BGEI to cover-up his unexplained wealth.

Despite his media-blitz, Corona has not given any explanation about his questionable answer/non-answer in and the discrepancies in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) violations deemed so serious by the Supreme Court that it led to the dismissal and imprisonment of several lowly government employees.

Additionally, Corona also has yet to explain the discrepancy between his stated cash on hand of P3.5 million and the P32 million deposited in his bank accounts (and this excludes the amount of his foreign currency savings accounts). Maybe he could possibly give details about every centavo that he owned but how could he explain why he excluded the P32 million in his SALN?

I am sure that if Corona is a mere government employee he would have been fired or jailed by now because of his SALN.

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