“Please vote for me”

IT’S election fever anew at the well-regarded National Press Club (NPC) which is currently headed by outgoing President Jerry Yap who couldn’t just leave it behind as he opts to seek a lower post to pave the way for the candidacy of my Kumpadre Benny Antiporda which is crystal clear to take place for the second time around.

Anyway, Pres. Jerry, who is prohibited by NPC’s constitution and by-laws from running again since the elections come every two years, will surely be more preoccupied in the coming days, anyway he’s unopposed as NPC treasurer come May 6 E-Day, as his sight will be trained to a much bigger scope that is Congress.

And of course, all of us in the media should be doubly working closely hand-in-hand to make sure that our new group, the ALAM, which means Alab ng Mamamahayag that its officers including this writer had it submitted recently before the Commission on Elections in our determined bid to make it as a partylist, shall prevail and become our genuine representative at the Lower Chamber.

With the massive support we can throw for ALAM, it will indubitably land in the top come 2013 mid-term elections with Pres. Yap whose at par performance at the NPC helm will just be a gauge for him to be its number one nominee and eventually ALAM’s Representative in Congress.

There’s no doubt about it, and everybody at the Fourth Estate along with their family members and friends would certainly agree for Pres. Yap to be our ideal representative for our soon-to-be partylist ALAM.

Back at NPC, Tuesday’s meeting between Mr. Antiporda’s Press Freedom Party and rival candidate Percy Lapid’s Media Reform Movement held at the club of course with the Comelec officers as go-between turns out to be non-confrontational, which should’ve been expected since anyway as many would say “it’s just a one-day affair,” and we can all be friends again back in each other’s arms, as they say, haha!

What really inspire this writer is Pareng Benny’s styles and ways to deal with few political mudslinging that comes along whether you like it or not during elections.

Instead of going defensive, he would rather tell his partymates not to stoop down to such level and instead focus on accomplishments they had done for the good of the NPC and its members as well and projects and programs they will carry out in the near future.

That’s good, that’s really good.

That’s why yours truly didn’t think twice when such opportunity came in to be included in the party as one of its 10 candidates for Director.

And for you guys, go out and cast your vote.

Vote for those who have shown competence and sincerity to serve the NPC and its members and I have only one humble request: Please vote for me.

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