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WITH the series of programs and actions the administration of Quezon City Mayor Herbert “Bistek” Bautista has been pursuing with tenacity, the city is really going green and that’s tremendously favorable to us and our environment altogether.

True to its form, Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte and the city council, have passed a resolution opposing the proposal of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority to use garbage incinerators, well, except smokeless incinerators in dealing with the garbage problem.

The use of incinerators could actually be a good solution given the volume of garbage that is collected everyday but studies showed it causes more problems to the environment unless again if it’s smokeless incinerators.

Since the city is so determined to protect its people and immediate environment, it just needs more of its political will and this writer firmly believes it can, with Bistek and VM Joy in perfect tandem, to carry out right measures in order to make the public more knowledgeable how to use these alternative ways in lessening garbage such as segregating and recycling.

For sure, the use of incinerators would not be an option anymore.

Another pro-environment move the city officials did was the passage of an ordinance which the good mayor had just signed into law to become operative soon and would effectively prohibit local residents from burning their garbage, trash or any other refuse materials.

Bistek says: “It is about time for the local government to encourage the community dwellers to be part of the city’s bid to protect the environment to meet a balanced and healthful ecology that will benefit all QC residents.”

The measure proponents at the Sangguniang Panlunsod are just confident that avoiding the practice of putting littered leaves, twigs and household solid waste to ashes will help minimize pollution and will not endanger the health and safety of others.

The deputized barangay solid waste management committees will be tasked to serve a warning notice to the first time violators within a grace period of one month.

After the grace period, the penalty is a fine of P1, 000 for first offense, P2,000 for second offense, and P5,000 and/or six months to one year of imprisonment, in the discretion of the court, for third offense.

If the offender is a juridical person, its manager, partner, proprietor, owner or other responsible officer shall serve the penalty of imprisonment, according to the measure.

Moreover, Mayor Bistek gives the city’s 142 barangays the go-signal to adopt barangay-based ordinances that would empower them to apprehend litterbugs.

Tapping barangays in the city’s anti-littering drive will greatly complement the environmental police personnel deployed by the city’s environmental protection and waste management department to apprehend individuals who indiscriminately throw their garbage.

The mayor has reiterated that environment management will continue to remain as critical foundation for the city’s urban development strategies.

“Let us work together to make sure all the city’s environmental laws are enforced, without fear or favor,” he says.

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