OFWs in deep trouble

THIS week, two particular news stories would definitely make us feel angry and even ashamed at how our kababayan misbehaved big deal while working abroad.

One could be so mad at a Filipina domestic helper who reportedly abandoned her newborn baby in the garbage chute of a residential building in Sharja, United Arab Emirates.

Or even angrier at a 30-year-old Filipino nurse, along with his two fellow Filipino nurses, who was caught on a hidden camera maltreating an 80-year-old Alzheimer’s patient in the United Kingdom.

Maltreating an old helpless lady and an innocent child is inexcusable in a humane society, like the Philippines. These two sickening incidents are so un-Filipino, making a bad name for all Filipinos here and abroad.

Filipinos are known for taking extra TLC (tender loving care) for children and elderly, even to a fault. It is indeed so uncharacteristically Filipino not to look after the welfare of our old folks who raised us and sent us to good schools.

Although generally Filipinos are well-liked by their foreign employers because they are compassionate, industrious and honest, the fact remains that there are rotten eggs everywhere.

When we were in school, we were taught by our religion teacher to condemn the sin and not the sinner. It is the misdeed that we should denounce and not the person who is capable of mending his ways in God’s grace.

And before we pass judgment on these misbehaving Filipinos, let us not forget the basic goodness in every man. There must be something tragic incident that led one to misbehave abroad.

Being in a strange land sometimes can bring out the worst in us, probably because when we are confronted to fight for our survival, our hearts in the process are hardened by the daily struggles of homesickness, loneliness and hardships.

It is then incumbent upon our national government to look at what kind of emotional or psychological support system – if there is one at all – that we render to our poor overseas Filipino workers, especially those among the most vulnerable.

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