Silence is golden

THE United States has remained eerily silent as our fledgling navy faced off with a several surveillance ships of the Chinese Navy in our very own backyard, Scarborough Shoal, this week after our sailors tried to arrest illegal fishermen in the area.

Two Chinese Navy surveillance boats boldly blocked the advance of our “biggest warship,” the newly acquired hand me down US-made Hamilton class cutter BRP Gregorio Del Pilar. Our warship has since retreated and replaced by smaller Philippine Coast Guard boats to continue to enforce our claim over that disputed body of water which we now call West Philippine Sea.

Our 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty with the United States is what President Benigno Simeon Aquino III is obviously banking on to shore up our coastal defense hence his recent aggressive stance vis a vis the People’s Republic of China. But the continuing silence of our supposed ally is telling and as an old saying goes “silence is golden.”

Yes, there is a need to protect our interest wherever they maybe but we should be prudent in our actions and consider a closer partnership with  other Association of

Southeast Asian Nations member countries, especially those who also have claims in Scarborough and Spratly Islands like Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam and possibly

We should not lead the charge so to speak as we have a World War II and Vietnam War vintage navy and practically no air force to speak of. We have to build our armed forces.

Sen. Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan is correct to call for a review of the MDT and the Visiting Forces Agreement.

It is obvious that China will continue to bully us as long as we fail to show enough innate strength to defend our sovereignty. We cannot expect the U.S. to side with us in case of war against China, her interest in the Asian mainland outweighs whatever consideration she has left for us.

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Condolence to the family and friends of Emmanuel “Boyet” Munar, the ever smiling newsman who recently died due to heart failure. I worked with Boyet for a while covering the Quezon City Police beat and the one thing that I really noticed about him was his being good natured and positive attitude towards  everyone. Boyet will be missed.

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