Buckle down to work

IT’S all over a week after the just-concluded and immensely convincing biennial elections at the National Press Club (NPC) and yet there are some losers who couldn’t simply accept defeat.

They cry like wolf, they claim they were cheated. They then throw all garbage from their backyard as if they’re the sacred cows, golly!

These sour losers would even have the nerve to claim that those who voted for them are the sure winners because they chose to be in the minority of real reformists.

Huh, they must know what they’re talking about.

Just the same, this writer shares most other NPC members’ views that instead of lending an ear to the sourgraping bets’ nasty lines, we should just ignore them.

Anyway, as many would aptly say, it’ll die down a natural death, really.

With Benny Antiporda now at the NPC helm and yours truly emerging victorious as new Director for the first time after joining the former’s Press Freedom Party along with its partymates, taking the 15-0 victory the first in the club’s history, let’s all buckle down to work.

Antiporda’s party had overwhelmingly captivated most members’ support, owing to its laid-down programs and projects that they knew from the start would benefit them in the long run.

Name anyone in the past that had vivid visions and missions of President Antiporda who has to sacrifice everything to make sure he could deliver what he promises to the NPC and its members as well, there’s none.

Well, of course, there’s always an exemption to every rule and that’s the equally well-loved by many, Jerry Yap, now the NPC’s ex-president but soon to be a member of the House of Representatives with our ALAM (Alab ng Mamamahayag) group, which by the way we should all pray that the Commission on Elections would eventually
approve it as a party-list in a scheduled hearing early this week.

Though there’s quite difference when Jerry and Benny are compared as to their style of leadership, the former had also shown excellence and competence in dealing with the club’s problems especially the members’ immediate needs.

He had tremendously and inspiringly geared the NPC towards what it is now.

The NPC has now become a more important pillar in nation-building and in protecting the rights of every journalist even those who are not members, and not as social club as what it’s known to be in the past.

We all salute you Congressman Jerry. Thanks so much for being unselfish, for always being sympathetic and responsive to the needs yes personal needs especially of these lowly members and even non-members. May your tribe multiply!

As we join Cong. Jerry in his new quest as we all benefit from ALAM in the long term, let’s unite once again, never mind the few who know only the flaws but can’t offer ways to solve them.

Better than them is the Grinch who tries to steal Christmas but realizes later he’s wrong.

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