China’s creeping invasion 2

WE LOST Mischief Reef in the mid 1990’s to the People’s Republic of China and now our giant neighbor is taking Panatag Reef from us.

It is therefore fair to assume that it is also eyeing the nearby gas rich Recto Bank since China is claiming all of South China Sea as its territory. This indeed is China’s creeping invasion of resources rich areas of the Philippines.

According to some experts there is a shrinking chance to diplomatically resolve the territorial dispute since China sees the Philippines to be acting for or in behalf of the United States. China see the U.S. to be behind our assertion of sovereignty over the disputed areas thus the recent loud pro-American sentiment of President Benigno Simeon Aquino.

It is not helpful.

For China even to consider our peaceful protest is akin to losing to the U.S.

Its leadership cannot lose face especially now that there is a scheduled transition of power in Beijing within a few months.

Since the dispute began last month the Association of Southeast Asian Nations has remained silent and the U.S. stubbornly refused to be openly drawn into the issue. Even our government refused to call on the people to support its effort to protect our sovereignty. We as a people are thus all alone.

Accordingly, we are left with limited options.

First and the easiest is (some say more practical) to ask Aquino let go of Panatag Reef to avoid war with China.

Another choice is publicly support our diplomatic efforts to resolve the dispute (although our efforts seem to be going nowhere) or we can ask the President to keep on trying to resolve the impasse through diplomatic efforts but prepare to go to war if diplomacy fails as Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile suggested.

Since we are militarily weak due to our corrupt politicians and military officers, diplomacy is our best tack but there is nothing wrong in Enrile’s suggestion for us to prepare, buy war equipment, weapons and our means of defense.

We do have to prepare for any eventuality. Those who refused to do so will go the way of the dinosaurs.

Diplomacy has its limits. Clearly it did not return Mischief Reef to us nor did it earn us the respect of China or the world for that matter (that is why we are alone on this). Our politicians should know that armed might is an indispensable political tool in the practice of geopolitics and as Carl von Clausewitz aptly said “war is an extension of politics by other means.”

Peace among nations is ensured only when it is costly for them to wage wars.

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