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THE People’s Republic of China apparently now have complete control over our very own Panatag Reef and the surrounding areas as their maritime vessels have closed the area to Filipino fishermen while at the same time their largest offshore oil producer, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, had started its deep sea drilling nearby.

We are helpless and worse we are left holding an empty bag by our United States ally as this development came after U.S. State Secretary Hillary Clinton visited Beijing and met with the country’s leaders.

It looks like we were sold in the name of regional stability and growth.

Take note the U.S. already said earlier it will not take sides on the sovereignty claims by China and the Philippines over Panatag Reef although it maintained that the freedom of navigation in the disputed territory was a matter of national interest for the United States.

Well the U.S. concerns for the freedom of navigation in the disputed territory was apparently favorably addressed during Clinton’s visit to the Chinese capital hence the now very aggressive move of China against us.

The American assurance of upholding the provisions of the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty is only “consuelo de bobo” and does not mean a thing. Also part of the consolation prices thrown at us are the guarantee that the Philippine Navy will receive its second hand me down Hamilton class high endurance cutter at the end of the year and the additional miniscule monetary assistance for our national defense.

We have to understand that under the 1951 MDT, unlike its defense treaty with North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member states, the U.S. is not bound by any automatic retaliation clause.

It can thus avoid to side with us if doing so will favor its national interest.

It does not take a genius to know that the U.S. had a far larger economic investment in China than the Philippines so it is not difficult to see where its interest lies.

It must also be understood that the assistance given to us by the U.S. is by no means free.

We are paying for it with our sovereignty and that’s why they have access to airbases and troops stationed in Mindanao.

We are being taken for fools and weaklings long enough.

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