Coco water export up by 300 % in 1st QTR

PHILIPPINE Coconut Authority (PCA) Administrator Euclides G. Forbes said this year’s first quarter coco water export increased by 300 percent with 4,498,158.00 liters compared with last year’s figures of 1,125,451.00 liters.

Forbes said the value likewise increased by 260.56 percent with this quarter’s earnings of $4,783,443.00 compared with 2011 figures of $1,326,672.00.

Coco water export to the United States this quarter registered the highest  increase of 426.75 percent in value with $3,940,487.00 compared with last year’s first quarter figures of $748,076.00. The export volume likewise registered a 367.37 percent for this quarter with 3,724,428.00 liters as against last year’s figures of 796,887.00 liters.

Export increases to other destinations for first quarter this year compared with last year’s figure include: Netherlands – from 32,000.00 liters to 189,800.00 liters – an increase of 493.13 percent with earnings from $28,000.00 to $208,602.00 a good 645.01 percent increase. Australia registered volume increase from 362.55 liters to 65,219.00 liters which is
362.55 increase with value from $16,350.00 to $80,430.00 which is a 391.93 percent increase.

Administrator Forbes is confident that this year’s coco water export figures  will even  exceed that of total  2011 figures which registered 16,685,350 liters in volume and $15,113,152.00 and value considering that international demand for coco water continue to rise as more people turn health conscious.

The Administrator added that it is beneficial to drink coconut water  which is a natural beverage that is rich in potassium and magnesium. He added that coco water contains a considerable amount of vitamin B such as thiamine which aids in strengthening the muscles, delaying fatigue and maintaining normal heart function. It is regarded as a good source of electrolytes and glucose and have been found suitable for intravenous rehydration.

Forbes reiterated the need to plant more coconut trees to meet the growing demand for many coconut products and by-products and not only coconut water. He reaffirmed commitment in the aggressive implementation of various PCA programs involving planting, replanting and fertilization of coconut farms which will increase coconut productivity. The programs has the farmers as active participants and partners in the development process.

The Administrator is confident that this will generate new job opportunities for millions of farmers dependent on the coconut industry for their livelihood.

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