PRESIDENT Benigno Simeon Aquino III at long last is taking the correct steps to diffuse the tension in the West Philippine Sea.

By stressing that he is willing to enter into a sharing arrangement for the energy resources in various disputed areas of the West Philippine Sea which includes Spratly Islands and Panatag Reef without sacrificing the nation’s sovereignty, Aquino is sending an unequivocal message, not only to the People’s Republic of China, but to all other claimants that the Philippines is determined to stand up for its rights but more than willing to reach a peaceful settlement of the dispute.

Aquino’s proposal is the win-win solution to our diplomatic row with China and possibly the other claimants of the disputed areas like Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan.

He probably realized that we are all alone in our fight with China.

Hopefully, China will positively respond to Aquino’s proposal and end its occupation of the Panatag Reef. China should realize that we are not an enemy but a friend.

However, Aquino’s win-win proposal will not end the fundamental problem that our diplomatic row with China bared, that is our incapability to defend our territory.

Only with an independent foreign policy, nationalist industrialization and adoption of a genuine land reform program, strengthening our economic, diplomatic and military ties with Association of Southeast Asian Nations member countries, and creating a credible navy and air force could we secure our territory and earn the respect of our neighbors.


It is interesting how Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona would testify in his impeachment trial on Tuesday. Will he be able to belie the claims of his former Supreme Court colleague and now Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales that he has 82 accounts in five banks with a transactional balance of $12 million?

Earlier Corona challenged Morales to resign if she won’t be able to substantiate her allegations against him concerning his alleged bank accounts.

Now that she presented what appears to be damaging evidence would the controversial chief magistrate resign from his post if he fails to belie Morales’ claims?


My condolence to the surviving family members, friends and colleagues of Kuyang Lysandro “Andy” Sanchez. Kuyang Andy was slain by motorcycle riding losers in an ambush this week in Malolos, Bulacan. He is a friend of the poor and active in the cause for good governance.

Kuyang Andy, a fellow mason and law practitioner, is a former co-worker of mine at the Philippine Daily Inquirer. He will be missed by the poor. His body now lies at state in Funeraria Paz along Araneta Ave. in Quezon City.


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