How to know if your girl is a cheater

A good relationship sometimes can be ruined by mistrusting your girlfriend. But there are always suspicions…

So…how do you find out if your girlfriend is honest without putting your relationship at stake?

Find out how…

Don’t wait.

If you have the feeling that your partner is cheating on you, it is best that you find out now rather than later. Having a thought of infidelity in your head can cause endless worry, leading to insecurities and doubt. Having these thoughts can destroy a relationship, real or imagined.


What led you to believe she may cheat? Is it her new “Friend”? Is she spending less time with you? Sharing less with you? Is she talking to or spending more time than usual with other men? Has she made any new single friends? Is she acting suspicious?

Watch for potential signs.

Does she send you text messages or calls less often? If you start being the one to call or text her first, that’s a bad sign.

a. Secret phone conversations: Does your partner leave the room every time they get a call on their cell? Are they just trying to be polite? If your partner is trying to guard their conversations on the phone, there may be reasons to worry.

b. Picking fights: Is your partner picking fights and arguing more with you? This could just be an excuse to get out of the house. Picking a fight and then storming out of the house to get away from you is an easy way to go spend time with someone else.

c. Lying: Catching your partner in a lie, no matter how small, is always cause for concern. Try to connect lies with certain time frames and you may have a connection to infidelity.

d. Computer time: An increase in computer time may be one of the 7 signs you are being cheated on. There are many adult chat rooms out there that cater to infidelity. Check instant messaging, emails and so on.

d. Accusing you: Another common sign you are being cheated on is accusing you of the very same thing they are so guilty of, cheating. They may drop hints that you are having an affair because their own guilt is starting to wear on them.

Tell her you love her.

Does she say it back? Hold her hand. Does she try to pull it away? Does she look nervous? These are signs that she might be thinking of cheating. However, some girls are shy and if the relationship is new, she may be uncomfortable with some things. Although, if it is new, she probably wouldn’t be cheating, would she?

Ask her about her opinion on a specific guy.

If she hesitates to answer or becomes defensive or inconsistent, then chances are you might want to have a closer look at that specific relationship.

“Once a cheater, always a cheater”.

Has she snuck around other boyfriends in the past? If so, then, she is 2.5 times more likely to cheat then those who have never before. Tread carefully with these women.

If you find out she’s cheating, discuss it with her. If she cheated out of ignorance or sexual confusion and genuinely regrets it, you should consider forgiving her. If she doesn’t seem to care, dump her and find someone who appreciates you.

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