Kulinarya festival

WITH an array of homegrown foods and delectable native treats, one need not go somewhere else to experience the culinary wonders and distinct taste of various dishes. It’s just right at the heart of Metro Manila, it’s in the city of Malabon.

Extra-jubilant is acting Mayor LenLen Oreta who initiates the launching of the Kulinarya Festival held on Tuesday at Dampa sa Paseo in Barangay Niugan which turned out to be a huge success as hundreds of culinary enthusiasts, foodies, bloggers and even members of local media, including this writer, showed up to be the first to feel and taste the mouth-watering dishes.

The event, being one of the highlights of the celebration of its 413th founding anniversary, showcases the diversity of Malabon cuisines and its rich culinary tradition which have been passed from one generation to the other.

It also sought to help boost local tourism and economic ac-tivities in the city, according to the youthful mayor.

Those who attended the festival had the chance to taste and eat for free all the dishes and delicacies that “were prepared with a distinct touch and flavor of Malabon.”

The young city chief executive, in initiating the holding of such event, says the city government only wants to share the culinary wonders and distinct taste of Malabon dishes to more people within the region and the country as well.

He then cited the innate talents and expertise of our people in the field of food preparation and culinary arts as the main reason why the food business thrives in the city.

“Most of our people can be considered ‘gifted chefs’ because even without formal training they were able to develop delicious recipes and even make good profits out of it,” Oreta says.

He adds: “We are proud that our city has maintained its distinct food culture despite the continuous increase in the number of fast food chains in the city and impact of urbanization.”

At the festival, everyone was treated with a unique Malabon cooking style as demonstrated by Ms. Annie Pascual-Guerrero, the founder of Center for Culinary Arts, Manila as she was assisted by award-winning Chef Mira Cruz. Both hail from the city. Ms. Grace Francisco-Torres, of the city’s tourism council, says the people can experience the best lugaw, crispy pata, pancit, sumpia and lumpia and other sweet delicacies in Malabon without hurting their pockets.

The city has a lot to offer more than its famous Pancit Malabon and it is up for the visitors to discover these potentials when they travel to the city, she says.

Almost a hundred dishes and delicacies were presented to the public during the festival which include the famous Pancit Malabon, sapin-sapin, pichi-pichi, pork binagoongan, menudo, okoy, lumpiang hubad, ginataang labong, ginataang alfahores, kusilbang saging, and a lot more.

So what’re you waiting for? Sabi nga ng kaibigan ko, your honors, kung may pupuntahan kayo, sana gayahin ninyo kaming mga ordinaryong tao, gumigising po kami nang maaga.

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