Lady loves Judas

PUBLIC protests and outrage will surely greet 23-year old American pop star Lady Gaga as she arrives the country for her concert at the half-finished Arena at the SM Mall of Asia on Monday and Tuesday.

Her concert entitled “Born this Way” is sending a horribly wrong signal to our Filipino youth, in addition to her outlandish manners, her skimpy costumes, and the offensive lyrics of her songs that definitely insult our sensitivity as a nation.

A youth group, former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza and election lawyer Romulo Macalintal indeed have a point.

Why do we extend our hospitality to someone who insults our faith? Is this the kind of ideals and aspirations that we as a nation seek for our people and our youth?

This is not however the first time that Lady Gaga has courted protests. In Indonesia and South Korea, her supposed concerts were cancelled after some groups complained of the Lady’s outlandish skimpy costumes. Some of her songs were also reportedly banned in China.

Some people might be raising their eyebrows why there is so much moral panicking over Gaga’s concert. For some, her concert is nothing but innocent entertainment to most young people. Besides, if you don’t like her, don’t go to her concert and don’t patronize her at all.

But for heaven’s sake, if one will closely look at the lyrics of Gaga’s songs, one could not stomach how she could utter blasphemous words in front of millions of Catholics. For one, her song “Judas” and its music video should rightly be labeled as sacrilegious.

In that particular song, Gaga admits that she is so much in love with Judas, that she clings to him and prefers him not to wear condom at all.

Come on, who is in her right mind would profess such devotion to the man whose name has become synonymous to a traitor?

Our local concert organizers should have done better in taking into careful consideration our social, religious and cultural values than any commercial gains.
Instead of entertaining us, these foreign artists are insulting and offending our beliefs as a society and as a nation.

Catholics around the world should not tolerate her blasphemies. If we keep on professing that we are a Catholic nation that believes in God, let us protest by all means because that is what our faith dictates us to do, otherwise the next generation might think we saw nothing wrong.

Alright, we are beautiful this way because God indeed makes no mistakes. Alright, we have to humbly accept who and what we are. But it does not mean that we can no longer improve ourselves and be best of what we are created for.

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