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ELECTION fever is almost around the corner and as usual more personalities both from local and national posts, even some that don’t have that competence and dedication just guts to be called real public servants, are now engrossed left and right to make their presence felt.

The electorates have just to be more intelligent and mustn’t be easily hoodwinked by their sweet promises and bogus charitable works shrewdly designed to call others’ attention and eventually gain sympathy that they ought to turn into votes.

But  while there are really opportunists  all  over who can easily trick the people especially those at the poor sector of society, there are of course who are born to be sincere and highly competent to their chosen field, that is, public service.

This writer could name a few. And the city of Caloocan has just got to be lucky for they have these extra-ordinary public servants in the name of Barangay 163 Chairman Cenon Mayor and Barangay 80 Chairwoman Aurora “Onet” Asistio-Henson.

I may have this preconceived notion but what the heck, these two guys deserved to be hailed and their superb performance at their respective turfs must be known to the public since both have opted to be silent operators.

No wonder, Kap. Mayor and Chairw. Onet can be potential bets for the city council posts come 2013 local polls. For sure, whichever political parties they will be affiliated with, they can boost their party-mates’ chances of emerging victorious in the end.

“Takbo ni Juan”

The Navotas City government is set to celebrate its 5th year cityhood anniversary but Mayor John Rey Tiangco wants it more meaningful by focusing on the environment particularly on the massive clean-up drive on its coastal areas.

He says: “We are more focused to give the celebration more meaning by carrying out a project that is designed to further clean and green our immediate surrounding and the coastal areas.”

For the first time, he will lead the “Takbo ni Juan Para sa Ka-paligiran” right on the cityhood day (June 24) which is primarily designed to inculcate to the residents about the importance of the Mother Nature to their lives.

“We are really determined to instill to the minds of our residents that we all need to do our share in keeping our environment safe and clean by helping the local govern-ment especially on proper waste disposal,” according to the youthful mayor.

According to Ms. Jayne Banayad, city’s public information officer, around 2,000 people coming from private and public sectors are expected to join in the activity. With a P200 registration fee, Ms. Banayad says the proceeds of the project will go the trust fund which will be used for other activities of Tiangco’s “Navotas ko Love Ko, Lingap sa Kapaligiran Program.”

Let others follow suit.

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