NBA suspends 2 Miami players

THE NBA suspended Miami Heat forward Udonis Haslem and center Dexter Pittman following the review of the flagrant fouls they committed in Game 5 of their series against the Indiana Pacers.

Haslem received a one-game suspension while Pittman would miss the next three games.

Pittman received a flagrant foul after he came across the lane and used his forearm and elbow to blast the Pacers’ Lance Stephenson after a made shot with 19.4 seconds left in Game 5. Stephenson had taunted LeBron James earlier in the series by flashing a choke signal after James missed a pair of free throws during Game 3.

Haslem was given his flagrant after he fouled Pacers forward Tyler Hansbrough across the face in Game 5. Hansbrough had hit Dwyane Wade earlier in the game for a flagrant foul. The NBA upgraded all three fouls to flagrant type-twos, but Hansbrough was not suspended.

The suspensions leave the Heat even thinner on their front line. Chris Bosh is still sidelined with an abdominal injury. Noli S. Cruz

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