Never succumb

GIVEN the power and influence being wielded by the family of ex-Quezon City Rep. Nanette Daza which was further extended without limits by its relation to the political clan of the Robeses based in the city of San Jose del Monte in Bulacan province, one can easily succumb and turn subservient to their wishes.

But not the family of the slain Noel Orate Sr. which rejected outright and without reservations a request that’s said to be coming from Daza’s son-in-law, Romeo Alan Robes, a provincial board member and husband of her daughter, QC Councilor Jessica Castelo-Daza, for a judicial dispute resolution of the homicide case filed against him.

For others, especially at this time that almost all of us are in dire straits, such out-of-court settlement will mean a lot, anyway, as many could say, the loved one was already gone and what’s more important is the living condition of those he had left behind after his untimely demise.

Again, the Orate family would not allow to be tempted and they must be brave enough not to give in to the Daza camp’s attempt to settle with material things, if any, as no amount of money could make up for Orate’s death.

No less than the victim’s son, Noel Orate Jr., has confirmed that the camp of Robes, through its lawyer, Alfredo Villamor, had offered to settle the case amicably, meaning money will surely flow to the brink, nonetheless, the Orates through its counsel, Eduardo Bringas, even filed a manifestation before the QC
trial court judge to turn down any mediation with the Daza and Robes.

Bringas recalls that when Robes entered a plea of not guilty in an arraignment on April 22, the provincial board member’s counsel, in an oral manifestation, requested to sit down with the Orate family in a judicial mediation.

Orate’s lawyer was just right when he said: “We cannot compromise. We will pursue the case till the end.”

On April 10, Robes shot Orate Sr., 55, five times inside the Daza’s residence in 51 Maningning St., Barangay Teacher’s Village-East in “self-defense.”

The Daza family said the older Orate held over love quarrel, since he was ex-Rep. Daza’s long-time boyfriend.

Robes is now released from detention after posting a P40,000 bail on April 12.

The camp of Daza has denied having made an offer to settle the case amicably as it believes that Robes can be acquitted anyway since, it insists, he only came out to defend himself, his wife and his mother-in-law from the “armed and dangerous” elder Orate.

However, shooting him five times at close range can no longer be accepted that it’s all up for self-defense, that’s absurd and stupid.

Tell it to the Marines.

And the Orates will and should not buy it for dignity and truth must prevail over anything else like money.

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