Nothing but contempt for the rule of law

THE publicly contemptuous attitude of impeached Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona last Tuesday finally convinced me that he is not worthy of his position, the emulation of judges and lawyers and the support of court employees.

Corona’s brazen attempt to walkout of the Impeachment Court only showed his disdain for the rule of law, the senator-judges, the court prosecutors and most importantly the Filipino people.

His position as Chief Magistrate of the land all the more made his action aggravating. It is not something we, ordinary mortals, could do without consequence even in a lowly municipal court.

His attempt to disgrace the Impeachment Court made clear to us his low regard for every participant of the impeachment trial. Obviously he felt everybody is beneath him and therefore has no right to subject him to a cross examination.

As a lawyer, he perfectly knew that cross examination is a means to ferret out the truth from a witness especially if he is himself the accused.

Evidently he is not interested in the truth but only his version of the truth.

He and his battery of lawyers can make up all excuses in the world to justify what he did last Tuesday and he may even apologized to the court but there is no more hiding his scorn for everything that the law stands for.

* * *

My doctor kumpadre said severe tension could be behind Corona’s alleged hypoglycemia attack.

He said the Chief Magistrate seemed to be so tense and guarded while reading his statement and that could have caused the lowering of his blood sugar.

“Mahirap talaga pag may itinatago, nakaka-stress,” my kumpadre observed.

However, many believed that what happened last Tuesday, from Corona’s dramatics while reading his statement and his walkout and subsequent return inside the senate session hall in a wheelchair, is part of a grand design intended to elicit sympathy for the embattled Chief Magistrate.

It was also obviously meant to prevent him from being cross examined.

Only the gullible would believe Corona is really sick at the time.

* * *

A lot were surprised for the sudden silence of the usually loud Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago when Corona suddenly walked out of the session hall. How come she did not berate Corona for his glaring disrespect of the senator-judges? Why is she suddenly meek as a lamb?

We are used to a Santiago arrogantly shaming prosecution witnesses who caught her ire thus we were so stunned when she kept her peace towards Corona who is a close friend of her political ally Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

* * *

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