Numb leadership

THAT’S already intolerable.

Several criminal activities mostly snatching and robbery-holdup especially on buses and jeepneys have been taking place for the past months in Malabon City and yet the numb leadership of Senior Supt. Ferdinand Ampil, the local police chief, remains insensitive as if every crime that occurs in his turf is just a normal routine. Heck!

Well, it can be understandable though this ugly thing shouldn’t happen in the first place because it’s a sworn damn duty of the police, and at this instance, the Malabon police force to carry out the laws to stop criminal elements and lawlessness right at its nose.

Why this writer was saying it’s understandable? Ask some city police officers and personnel about the kind of leader that is Ampil to them and you will get almost no positive responses in terms of the police chief’s way of treating his men. Setting aside, since it’s another matter for him to struggle about, Ampil mustn’t be like others who are “laging natutulog sa pansitan” or to rephrase it, he mustn’t be always staying inside his airconditioned office while criminal elements continue to reign in the city with impunity!

At its worst height, two veteran reporters in the name of Grande del Prado, of Remate; and Ismael “Maeng” Santos, of Bulgar, both chairman of the board and adviser, respectively of CAMANAVA Press Corps, were the latest victims of lawlessness that transpires in the city.

For sure, acting Mayor Lenlen Oreta would not want to accept that’s it happening in his turf with the local police doing nothing. If I were the acting mayor, who by the way has been hailed by many for his focus and competence in managing the affairs of the city government left behind by his ailing uncle, Mayor Tito Oreta, I would quickly asses Ampil’s performance and then work for his transfer to a place outside the metropolis maybe in the mountains where he can bravely fight the Reds or the murderer and kidnapper, the Abu Sayyaf bandits.

Del Prado and Santos narrate that they had just left the office at the police headquarters in Caloocan City and took a passenger jeepney on their way home when it was held up by three knife-wielding men past 9 p.m. Saturday along C-4 Road, Barangay Tonsuya or few meters away from an extension office of the Police Community Precinct (PCP) 3.

Along with other passengers, Del Prado and Santos were divested of their personal belongings, their cash, cellular phones and jewelries by the three armed men who casually walked away as if nothing happened.

I think this is the most ideal opportunity for NPD director Chief Supt. Antonio Decano and PNP chief Director General Nicanor Bartolome to reassess and re-evaluate the performance of their men especially those who are doing nothing but enriching themselves at the expense of the people that are being shortchanged by these corrupt police officers.

For sure, Ampil is not the one.

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