Paging PNP Chief Bartolome

FOR years in column writing and if my memory serves fully right, I haven’t written any single article that directly criticizes a certain member of the Philippine National Police for whatever lapses he has as a police officer.

What’s certain that I’d done in the past and up to now is to write feel-good stories for PNP officials and personnel who have been showing dedication in serving and protecting the people with humility.

This writer regrets to do it but then is forced anyway by this particular bigheaded law enforcer in the name of Senior Insp. Gaylord Tamayo, head of the Caloocan City police’s traffic unit and concurrent chief of its anti-carnapping unit, whose egocentric behavior that has gone beyond limits shouldn’t just be disregarded without having him castigated by the higher authorities.

Pitiful Robert Illut, a reporter of the Radio Veritas and a member of the National Press Club, turns to be one of the latest victims of Tamayo’s arrogance.

The poor man narrates that he went few days ago to his office to set an interview over a traffic-related issue but only to get the shock of his life and insult from Tamayo who’s supposed to demonstrate good manners towards others.

Despite having politely introduced himself as a radio reporter, Tamayo would take his “PRESS ID” wallet looped around his neck and rudely pulled out from it his Veritas ID which he scrutinized in an insulting manner and handed it back to him but only to drop it before Illut could get hold of it.

Shame on you!

Not contented, this self-conceited Tamayo would even sarcastically ask the poor Illut if he has SSS (Social Security System). In heaven’s name, this is the first time we encountered such police official who is, by the way, being rejected by other fellow officers for being narcissistic.

Piqued after learning what happened, police chief Senior Supt. Jude Wilson Santos even advised Illut to file a formal complaint against Tamayo before the Pre-Charge Section so that he can act on the matter with basis.

Wasting no time, Illut, accompanied by this writer being the president of the Camanava Press Corps and director of the National Press Club, did lodge a complaint and we have high regard on most lawmen at the city police, for sure they’ll have this sense of impartiality except for this egoistic Tamayo who apparently knows no one but himself.

PNP chief Director General Nicanor Bartolome is a kind that wouldn’t tolerate such bad behavior of a police official and Tamayo must learn a lesson, the hard way.

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